Sunday, 26 December 2010

Makeup Tutorial - For Everyday Wear

How was Christmas? Had fun? I had a wonderful time this Christmas, both on the eve of and on Christmas itself. I'll be sharing them in another post so keep a lookout for it~

For now... You guys have asked for it here it is. I know I told you guys in my Formspring that I will do it up before Christmas but I really really had no time. I spent my Christmas doing it, had my candlelight Christmas dinner, and came back and edited the video the whole night...

Here it is lovelies~~~ This is the look that you see on almost all my photos in this blog. Comes in 2 parts. 



I did the foundation before adding colour. Click here for the foundation video.

I really really hope you guys will like this...because I had to shift all the furniture in my room just to do this (so I could get the proper lighting and a clear background).

Have fun experimenting with my look! ;)

Okay..Mum's awake and I'm heading to the market with her. When I'm's time for me to doodoo...(that's sleep...)
Goodnight~ And Happy Boxing Day!


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  1. Hey Silver, I'm going to try this look for NYE party this weekend. I like how it's simple and just makes you look "prettier" without looking like you have a lot of make-up on. Thank-you for the tutorial and I hope you have a haaaaappy new year! :)