Sunday, 19 December 2010

Mag, I'm Really Not Very Free La...

Honest! Ask my readers, they'll know. Or else I would have updated my blog daily. =(

Okay peeps here's a quick one. Because our dearest 'master'-holder TNP girl is back...again~~~

Wah seh, you 'ask mediacorp interview me' mediacorp will interview me ah? OMG whose daughter are you? I'd better be on my knees man!!!!

Girl...both Mediacorp and myself are very busy you know, we have got many projects to keep ourselves super occupied...

Why got people lidat one har? So weird...

My nose is au naturel~~~ So is my fat-and-squarish(according to some producers)-but-you-deemed-'so sharp' face. Imagine if I actually went to do my nose and fix my face....woohoo~~~ I'm contemplating losing weight (so face will look smaller, arms smaller, legs thinner, boobs will also go la, but oh well, it's a trade off I guess), then Botox to make my face EVEN smaller (insiders still complain that my face is too big okay...mai siao siao...), then some dermal fillers to make my nose sharper. Boobs I don't need la. Because I already have, even though I'll lose some after losing more weight, but I have them nevertheless. And honestly, I still don't understand why people are kicking up a fuss over Qiu's boob job. As her good friend I'm more than ecstatic that she finally owns a pair, but I'll leave that for another post. =)

For now...

Mag ah...if you can make me the entertainment headline news for 2011, I will give u a huge angpow man. Singapore may be small, but your news just doesn't cut it to make it there. Sorry, just being candid.

Ms Silver Ang is heading out for her Ah-Neh-Neh filming now~ For all you good guys and girls reading, hope this was good entertainment for today~! I PROMISE to try to write more okay?



  1. haha Silver, she is reli 1 mad woman who is too free..ciak pa bo su cho (in hokkien)..i met this kind of mad woman too late last the end she kena sue for defamation n kena pay compensation man..haha..anyway, still have a lot of ppl support u yea :)
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year =)

  2. my dear Silver..dun bother abt that ugly woman..sigh..stay pretty always..
    merry xmas

    yr fan,