Monday, 25 October 2010

That TNP Girl Is Back

And TNP here is not referring to our local English paper, it's my abbreviation for spoilt brain (translated into Hokkien).

Not talking about me la! I know I'm also a bit siao ding dong, but at least I'm a nice person who do not go around being rude to people. Gee~ God bless those who do.
Anyway, remember Magdalyn Chan? (Right-click here and open in new tab)

Well, apparently, she's back, after stalking me. I think she does. Oh well, maybe she doesn't. But she has obviously tried to stare at my pictures from when I was fat (Project Superstar days?) and compare it to my pictures from now. Thanks to her, I feel so much better about my nose~

Outta the blue. Again. -.-"

 SMLJ~ Since when I went to "make" my nose??? Lol!!! Girl, if you want to provoke people, at least do it with proper English where people cannot shoot you back with.

And hor, I am SURE I sing better than her. What...okay so 5 years ago I was bad, if you had gone to watch my competition videos on Youtube from aeons ago, but that was my 1st competition la, bound to be nervous one what~ *defensive* Never heard of this saying: Practice makes perfect? The rest of the competitors were all competition old birds leh~ Cannot compare one la~ But I did make it into the finals, which meant I must have done something right in the 3 rounds of auditions (in which I was given plenty of time to prepare for). 
Last I confimed, more than 4000 hopefuls took part in that competition....

NOW, I CONFIRM sing better. Want to bet? $100 per bet la...extra money always comes in handy~ ^.^

So like the first message was sent out too hastily, then she decided she got something she forgot to say, and sent another message 1 minute later. 

These days, I try not to get angry over petty matters and petty people. So I decided to take it in good stride and do a bit of interaction...

 I added niceties hor! I could have told her to Farkorf lor, but I wished her a great day leh. Not nice only hor, GREAT okay??? And I added a smiley. Because really, I'm still a friendly person at heart.

I nearly fainted when I saw this. What was that particular university doing???

I guess like a friend mentioned, book smart sometimes just means you memorize really well. 

And btw, prior to her message, I did have some insecurities about my nose because I thought it could be, you know, a little bit higher. Now it seemed that I just might be insecure for nothing. =D
Rhinoplasty sounds painful, I may consider dermal fillers (they're just hyaluronic acid, like what's in Hada Labo!)? Since they're reversible (they go off after a year or so), so you can get your original look back once the fillers are digested by your other cells.

OR!!! I can wait until I get older. Mummy told me she didn't use to have a high nose bridge, and that it just grew with age. I've read in some encyclopaedia that the nose is the only organ on your body that doesn't stop growing, other than hair (if you consider hair an organ la). So maybe in another 5 years, I'll have a chio-er nose!

So anyway....

Like my response or not? I'm kinda proud of myself after clicking the "Reply" button, especially my last paragraph!!! *blush*

If you're my friend and you ask me if I have done rhinoplasty, I will just reply you no and keep it as that. Even if you're not a friend and you ask politely, I will also do the same. Come and snide me, then insult me, then say all the LJW that you did, when I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU, you're asking for it. 

Oh, your one (that's 2, btw) moment of fame? Don't mention it. *waves hand* I gotta thank you back for giving me an interesting topic to write about. Almost getting a writer's block there. =)

Time to practise my vocals for potential bets~~~ *flicks hair, sashays away*

Silver Ang


  1. I think this girl is just out to ruin ur day! Glad u didn't get affected! lol

  2. If you look at these people and their antics as a joke, it's actually quite funny.

  3. You don't have to bother to reply this type of nonsense comments on you. You are now a star and should not bring yourself to the girl's level.
    Anyway her photo is so ugly and i am sure from her english that she did not did not even complete a diploma not to mention a masters?!

  4. I am surprised that you even bothered to reply to someone like this, Silver. She is not even worth the energy. Funny story though.

  5. haha, i like your last part, esp the sentence "a paper is just a paper, it doesn't get you anywhere unless you learn how to treat people with respect." (Y) so true!
    this day, people thought they are better then others just because of their qualifications.

  6. C'mon lah Silver, this pathetic girl only has 8 freaking friends in her FB. Be nice to her and keep her entertained bah.

  7. Hi Zihui,

    I am totally agreed of the "1 note of advice". GOOD SAID..... Cheers...

  8. just block the bitch! :p

  9. That girl is a siao ding dong, not you lah. In terms of siao-ness, she beat you hands down. Anyway, u did well because I don't know how she 'finished her master liao' (huh? there is a difference between 'masters' and 'master', right?). Aiyoh, she can't even tell that, how she got her 'master' one? Too bad lah, I only got a half fuck 'A' level certificate, so cannot criticize others so much. If I got money, I would have bought myself a masters degree lah. Hai, no money no talk leh. Btw, magdalyn, sorry leh. I don't mean that you bought your master degree, please don't get me wrong hor.

  10. The command of language used is really bad. I wonder which institute offered a 'master'.

    On a side note, I went to the flea market at SCAPE last weekend (remembered reading you'll be having a flea on a weekend) so I circled round the place ~ "don't have Silver", then I checked Twitter (if there's any updates) and your blog and I realized...... Your flea is this weekend :x

    REMEMBER TO BRING A PORTABLE FAN! If not you will die of heat, air, hunger and whatsoever. You will literally melt there!!

  11. a thought crossed my mind... what if.... someone hated this girl in the picture and impersonated her with a fake account on facebook (this explains the miserable number of friends?).. and then tries to ruin her reputation everywhere? o.O

  12. cherielee>> Thanks for that tip! I shall go get myself a portable fan, and have a hairstyle that's tied up. =D And oh, no dresses. Dresses in the heat = can die~~~ Inside hot until~~~

  13. mamamayii>> Shit man that thought never crossed my mind...hmmm...anyone tried adding her? The rest of the Magdalyn Chans don't look anything like her leh, if want to impersonate also shud use the hatee's picture right? =P

    Well I sure hope if that's the case the real Mag comes out and tell me. We need to report spam. =)

    Then again, what if no one's impersonating her and she's just, that? Which also explains why she only has 8 friends. Kinda sad hor? Either ways also sad la~~

  14. babe, she got only 8 friends on FB. we shall see who has the last laugh.

  15. Love your replies... Should put more "ouch" in it... wouldn't be surprised if she's actually readin' all these now... She's just too free... Humour her more... And we can all have a laugh about it.

    Fyeona. ;)

  16. haha nice one silver!tt girl is simply VERY bo liao like wat u've said. she probably feel inferior of herself then ended up putting others down to make herself feel better.anyway pay no heed 2 ppl like her, dey r nt worth ur time and attention:)

  17. Hahahahahahaha! Well Said Pretty Silver!
    I can't Stop Laughing! U are so Good!
    Anyway... U are pretty and U sing well!
    Mint is holding a mini concert at Eve Bar on the 23rd Jan... Will I get to see u there? =p

    Karyn @

  18. this is funny! haha i guess she had too much time on her hands :\