Sunday, 13 June 2010

It Doesn't Do You Much Good

To piss me off...

I got this out of the blue. She has never sent me any msg prior to this, or interacted with me in any way....

What is wrong with these people? Having a private account is proud???? -.-" And what the hell has having a private account got to do with me thinking I'm Stefanie Sun? (Erm...any idiot can see the difference...even Wei Lian can tell the difference lor even though he cannot see....)

I went to check her page, in case she's some 12 year old kid whom I may accidentally hurt with my already sent-out reply. Wah lao eh her account also has privacy settings lor...

I think she tao nao pai.....

She should thank me if suddenly she gets like 50 requests asking to be on her only-19-friends list.


That Silver Girl


  1. hahahahaha this is hilarious!!!


  2. HAHAHA. human beings are weird creature. got ppl twit abt my grammer CMI again.

  3. cool~ some people are just so pathetic la.. Silver.. good that you ignore her.. =D

  4. Lol, 1st time heard of ppl getting scolded just for having pvt account~