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Ad: Bella's Dermatech Age Defence Solution

Remember I told you guys about Bella’s Dermatech Age Defence Cream? I visited Bella, and the consultant, after having done a little interview with me regarding my skin, gave me an analysis and recommended that I try their Dermatech Age Defence Solution treatment. As I was kinda dejected about my skin condition then, I was desperate for anything that can make my face better... (Desperado... =P)
Oh by the way, I met this girl at the reception area and she told me I look better than I do on TV~ And that she knew I went to Penang for Blogfest because she remembered me from the Malaysian papers! I didn’t know whether to be happy, honoured, upset or should I freak out because
  1. I didn’t have makeup on. Plus I just rode 45 minutes in the hot sun to get to Bella @ International Building. I was sweaty and unkempt, in my opinion...
  2. So I wasn’t looking my best on TV, which is where MOST people see me!!! Means I need to slim down further than I haven’t done so for the past 2 months. -.-”
  3. Either that, or her TV’s spoilt. Lol~~!!!! Kidding!!! I know most of you keep wide-screens at home. Please convert the image size back to what should have been proper proportions can...? Why they invented wide-screens which stretch everything sideways is beyond my comprehension...
  4. The fact that she said I look younger and better in real life means my skin condition is still okay??? YAY!!! *comforted*
  5. She actually remembers the Malaysian newspaper article!!!! I left an impression!!!

Okay enough of the inner conflicting reactions...I haven’t slept in more than 40 hours (unless you count the 1-hour nap I stole in between sets) due to filming and blogging assignments so emotional tug-of-war makes me dizzy and might probably induce puking... 

Silly me actually FORGOT to take pictures at all so I can’t show you the pretty place. Promise I will the next time I go okay? Shall focus on the treatment today. ^.^

Here’s a picture of me just before I went to Bella for my treatment...
Urgh~ Glamorous. Pimple on my chin, dark circles, messy hair... that I’ve put this picture up, chances of me getting any skincare endorsement deals are probably out the window... *sob* See? I’m such a responsible blogger I show you guys proper undigitally enhanced/edited pictures. 
I emphasize: I don’t photoshop, nor in any way edit my pictures to make myself look chio-er or cui-er.

So what’s this Dermatech Age Defence Solution?
It’s not just another facial. I think I went through 2-3 facials in that one session anyway. There’s also a procedure where they use a machine with specifically chosen coloured lights as well as electromagnetic energy to perform what is known as chromatherapy (healing with colours). Electric currents pass through your skin to enhance lymphatic and micro-circulation, increase penetration of active ingredients applied on the skin, tighten the skin and pores, improve facial contours and reduce water retention and puffiness. As a result, skin colouration is more even and a fair and radiant complexion is achieved. 

Electric currents??? Yes. Those. So you will actually feel this very interesting feeling of being slightly electrocuted. (!!!) Kidding. You will feel the electric currents as the machine tip touches your skin, but the current is very slight, and causes just a little tingling sensation deep inside your tissues. I’m serious. You have to try it to know what I mean. However, people with metal plates and pieces in their body may not be suitable for this treatment as the electric currents felt may be slightly uncomfortable. Do let your therapist or consultant know so she can further advise. =)

What does Dermatech Age Defense Solution do?
Everything that the Dermatech Age Defence Cream does. The cream captures the treatment in 
a jar, but of course, minus all the luxurious face masks, the touch of the therapist hands, the massages and the intensive healing properties only the machine can deliver. Read here to find out about the cream I wrote an intro about earlier.

What I didn’t include in that write-up is that Bella Skincare’s research lab has formulated 2 ingredients, D.S.B. C® and BIOWHITE® which works hand in hand to deliver the magic of the treatment. 

D.S.B. C® works to eradicate harmful skin radicals, and the curative effect and anti-oxidation properties of D.S.B. C® even outshine that of Vitamin E. Clinical studies on skin that was subjected to UV rays and thermal or physical stress showed that after 24 hours of treatment with D.S.B. C®, irritations and inflammations on skin were greatly reduced. That probably explains why the pimple recovered miraculously well. 

BIOWHITE®? It works to eradicate dark spots, and it’s clinically proven to be three times stronger than Vitamin C. Studies have shown BIOWHITE® to inhibit Tyrosinase (the enzyme that causes pigmentation), thus reducing unsightly pigment spots while improving skin's radiance.

Too science-y for you already? Okay okay let’s talk about more interesting things. 

I mentioned Dermatech Age Defence Solution uses colour and light to heal earlier right? I found out some interesting things about how each of these colours work to heal different skin problems, and it’s SO comprehensive that I believe most skin problems can be solved with the same treatment, just using different lights.
  • Red - An energising colour that stimulates arterial blood flow and cell metabolism, red corrects skin dullness, reduces lines, and promotes firmness.
  • Blue - The most soothing and healing colour of all, blue soothes and calms sensitive and irritated skin, and stabilises oil gland secretion.
  • Green - A colour of harmony, green is anti-bacterial and thus targets acne, pimples, and oily conditions.
  • Purple - Integral to the general health of the skin.
  • Orange - Improves lymphatic drainage thus facilitating detoxification of the skin while correcting pigmentation.
  • Yellow - Targets on lines and wrinkles, synthesis collagen and aids in healing of damaged tissues by stimulating tissue growth.
  • Turqoise - The colour of tranquillity, turquoise improves the skin immunity, reduces the condition of broken veins, relaxes the nervous system, and eliminates stress.

Tell me which skin condition is not covered? Amazing... The consultant has chosen red and orange for me, because my skin wasn’t exactly looking radiant (and especially so after riding in the sun with lorries blowing their yucky exhaust at me...), and also because freckles have ALWAYS been my biggest nightmare. I zap them away, they ALWAYS come back. -.-”

So How was the Treatment?
The therapist have magic hands. My face immediately looked better after the treatment, plus there was no redness caused by ‘over-squeezing’ of the nonsense in my face (not that my face has a a lot of them la). I looked so much more radiant, my skin was brighter, feels more hydrated and I didn’t know what she did, but my pimple actually went down!!! 
The pimple scab mark was still there, and takes time to heal. But there was no more bump, and scab didn’t form further, so I didn’t get to keep plucking it and causing it to bleed and form scab again, which aided in my healing process. I went to Hong Kong for my Disneyland holiday happily. =D

With makeup on, and without the pimple mark on the chin!

One week after the treatment, this was how I looked:
Not even the scab was left. And this was with minimal makeup~ *happy* 

P/s. Here’s a picture of me with the same makeup, BEFORE I went to Bella:

Saw my chin and that bump?
I could cover all imperfections with my makeup skills, except pimples and pimple marks, especially when they’re not healed. -.-” 

Close-up of my skin after treatment. Makeup, by the way, glided on VERY nicely. Thumbs up!

I have to say, the treatment made me feel sooooo pampered that I was totally relaxed by the time I left Bella. The products smell nice on my face too. In between facials and masks, neck and shoulder massages were performed to fill in the time gaps so there was scarcely an occasion when the therapist would leave me alone for long periods of time while waiting for the masks to work their magic, other than at the end, which was great because I used that time to sleep. =D I was also treated to paraffin wax treatment on my dry hands, and I thought it was a nice gesture~ Bella does it for all their treatments (their sister company Marie France Bodyline does the same~) When they removed the wax, I was treated to a comfortable arm and hand massage. Man I should do this more often... Who knows? My skin may become better than Fann’s..... ;)

Great skin is a woman’s greatest asset.


P/s. Win a $100 Bella voucher instantly just by answering a simple question correctly on Bella's facebook page. I set the question of course~ ;)

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