Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Puberty Number 2

I know I'm in the middle of Disneyland post, but I just had to post this today because I wrote this post BEFORE I went to Hong Kong and never published it. I promise I'll get back to Disneyland-writing soonest possible yeah? Loves~~~


I wish this post is about my boobs growing again...Losing weight in my younger days has led to mass loss in the chest area as well... The thing about boobs is this...when you lose the weight, it goes with the rest of the fat that goes, but when you put on weight again, the fats deposit themselves everywhere else, and I MEAN everywhere else....hips, tummy, face, arms....EXCEPT the boobs. Why like that huh? =(

Never mind. My point today is not about boobs. (Sorry guys!)

I'm having a pimple outburst. Okay maybe just an outbreak, but because I HARDLY get pimples now that I'm past my puberty years, suddenly discovering acne on my face is a BIG THING~~~so it's an outburst to me.

I feel like I'm in school once again... Because of the pimples on my chin...

Yes laugh at me all you want. I had braces. But now I have chio teeth, so go on...keep laughing...
And Magdalyn, if you're stalking me still (read here if you're unfamiliar with her), I can TOTALLY understand why you thought I went for rhinoplasty~ 

It's true that nose bridges grow taller as you grow older~ 老天有在照着我~~~hiak hiak~~~  Okay la I still don't have like a super jiam nose...but who cares~ Still chio~ ;)

Wait where were we? Oh the pimples on the chin!! Yah check out the pimple scars on my chin back when I was in JC. =P

I have to say, my skin, when it is flawless (without the pimples la), is a result of diligence. And I mean proper makeup removal, proper cleansing, and good moisturization immediately after the cleansing. This I cannot stress enough. When you wash your face, especially with facial foam, you're stripping your skin of whatever dirt, residual makeup, as well as dead skin and sebum (note: oil) that's on your face. And these dead cells and sebum, when not in excess, actually acts as a protective layer on your skin against the dirt and bacteria which may get onto your face because of dirty bed linen, or your roving hands which find their way often onto your face. (God knows how many times we actually touch our faces per day~!!!) So after cleansing your face, please IMMEDIATELY apply your toner/moisturizer to protect your skin. Facial foam strips your face of moisture as well, and you know how skin that's too dry acts up by producing more sebum (note: oil!!!) which may clog your pores and cause pimples. Uh uh~We don't want that.

Remove makeup, cleanse, tone, moisturize. Always. Unless you're using a facial mask sheet after cleansing then it's a different story...

So what's the story? Before this week, all was fine~~~

Great skin, no problems~

And I was diligent with my skincare routine, even this:

White or black masks...facial sheets or peel-off masks...as long as they're good for my skin, bring them on man... I do masks once every 3 days. If I can't? AT LEAST once a week. Never neglect your mask treatments for more than 2 weeks, you don't want to bear with the consequences. Of course, there are procedures and services you can seek from the professionals, but don't you want to prevent the problems from happening at all if you can help it?

Okay la when problems happen, it's not like we want them to right? Even MYSELF have skin issues like ACNE, at this age....(not like I'm old la...but I'm PAST puberty!!!)

And *guilty, averts everyone's eyes*, it's because for this past week, I have been leaving my makeup on for the whole day, the whole night, and even refusing to remove them after I get home and ONLY just before I climb into bed, I remove them. Hiao lor~ What else? I just thought I looked so pretty with the makeup on, I just MIGHT take some more pictures i.e camwhore for my blog posts~~~ Plus the fact that I sometimes became lazy and slept with my makeup on. On these occasions, chances are I dozed off. And dozing off also means sleeping with the lights left on. BAD idea. Lights do something to your cells which causes them to not be able to rest...read somewhere before it was because of light energy and ions in the cells...or something like that. 

So I ended up with 2 pimples on my chin one fine day. =(

Plus I scratched my eyelid the day before so there's a red mark there. =.(
Can I stress on the importance of NEVER neglecting your skin, or taking it for granted? *sigh*

Have I gotten started on how I am super guilty of prying the scab off once it dries? =P Like the pimple would dry up right? And I can never resist the urge to manually remove it...with my bare hands. Then it would bleed, and then a scab would form, and then I would pluck it off again....and the cycle continues...

Remember I ride? Touching the handle bars equals as clean as touching the exterior of a car. And then I touch my face~~ OMG~~~ What have I done to my face???

To make matters more complicated, I realized I didn't know what products to get for my face. I've used stuff like Oxy in my secondary school days. Maybe it works for other people, but it has never made my life better. Lol. Most beauty and departmental stores do carry stuff for acne-prone skin. But my skin is not acne prone what, plus most of these products were meant for oily skin. (I think?) I think products meant to treat pubescent problem skin might just be a tad too strong for me? Bear in mind I'm losing my collagen and elasticity slowly cos I'm in my twenties already hor....

So how??? Use whaat????

Okay okay Silver, relax...everything will be over soon okay?

I really hope so.

I got introduced to this product by Bella recently, and I'm really hoping it can do wonders for my outburst. It's called Dermatech Age Defense Cream. Ya I know it sounds like it's not meant for me...I mean, come on? Age defense? But I'm still so young!!! *delusional*

Okay they say women's skin stop collagen production after they're 25? So Ms Ang, you're at the benchmark already, stop whining and do the age-defense thing.

So I've been told that this cream has a lot of good stuff inside, and I thought I should share them with you. =) Here's some of the ingredients found in the cream:
  • Organic Silicon - found naturally in our tissues and organs, it propels the body to heal and repair itself.
  • Salicylic Acid - Widely used as anti-acne ingredient (YES!!!), it reduces acne scar formation (YESSSS!!!), helps reduce lines and wrinkles(gimme gimme gimme!!!), protects skin from UV radiation (perfect for this biker chick~), and improves skin tone. (Sounds good) Overall, this ingredient has strong anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties!!!
  • Blackberry Extract - has been found to prevent the breakdown of collagen and elastin matrix, and prevents abnormal growth of cells, hence beneficial for scar tissues and pigmented lesions~
  • Grape Extract - Anti-inflammatory, high in antioxidants, high in silicon, and brightens up the skin...

It is also infused with Rose essential oil and shea butter. Not sure what that means?

Rose Essential Oil
  • Soothing & Calming
  • Helps de-sensitize skin
  • Helps heal broken and fine capillaries
  • Moisture-retention ability

 Shea Butter
Looks like your normal butter? It's derived from this - 

 Shea Nuts

You must have seen body moisturizers infused with shea butter, I'm sure. But why? I never knew why too, until I went to do a little bit of research... Let Ms Ang tell you...
  • Contains Vitamins A, E & F which normalizes, balances, and deeply hydrates skin
  • Aids in would healing due to its anti-inflammatory qualities (this product like very good for wounds and scars hor?)
  • Has natural sun-blocking powers & helps protect against sun & environmental aggressions
  • Absorbs easily without greasy after-feel
  • Stimulates cellular metabolism, fights against skin aging
I could go on, but I'd rather you read about shea butter yourself... =D

There are loads more holiao in the cream, but I don't want to bore you guys with the details. Here's a summary of what it claims it can do...

  • Complete protection against cell damage caused by UV, hormonal changes, stress etc. (tick)
  • Accelerate repair and renewal of cell functions
  • Clinical studies done on skins damaged by UV and physical stress (kena beaten???) indicates that after 24 hours of application, imflammations and irritations greatly reduced. (Good. My pimples BETTER heal before my Hong Kong trip this coming Thursday~)
  • 3 times stronger than Vitamin C.
  • Boost intense repair of collagen matrix (YAY!!!!)
  • Slows down process of skin againg, including loss of elasticity. (=D)
I'm so going to try this. Sounds perfect for me. So many anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-yucky things, plus it deeply hydrates while healing acne and scars, at the same time helping my skin restore the toing~toing~-ness, all at the same time!!! *keeps my fingers crossed*

Before I get my hands on this, I will have to bear with makeup and concealer to hide the flaws on my chin... (grrrr...) And I promise god, if you're looking after me, that I will be diligent with my skin forever after, even when I am busy to the point of insufficient sleep~ Thank you god~

This is un-edited, un-photoshopped, nothing~ Pure makeup skills. Not bad right? I'll put up a tutorial on how I do my makeup in due course. ;)

I will let you guys know how the cream is after I've tried it okay? Meanwhile, Bella is giving you ladies a chance to win a $100 Bella Voucher!!! Just click here to answer a simple question which your idol here (eh hem...that's~ehhem~me...) set, and if you get it right, the voucher is yours!!! I meant for you guys to have the voucher because I want you to have great skin too, so it's mad easy~ It's like giving free money la~ Love me? ^.^

我用来揭开无限的精彩~ - Jolin

In Search of Perfection,

P/s: By the time you read this my face has been restored to its former glory, thanks to Bella. ;)


  1. hello there! you're looking very radiant and yes, pretty! your face looks sharper too. any tips to share? :)

  2. Shine>> Do direct your questions to the Bella page here -->



  3. I love shea butter, it’s excellent for skin and hair. mine smells great because it is 100% raw, i find that it smells nutty

  4. Hi, then what if your nose is kinda like big already. Then when you grow up , your nose become bigger?!

  5. Anon Mar26>>

    Ya lor! But baby's nose won't be huge one wat...lol~

  6. But all baby nose all flat flat one. Then when grow up, become so huga. What is this?!

  7. I wonder. Have you compared your childhood pics and now??? LOL~

  8. Yes I did. And my friends also had this bump on their nose. :(