Saturday, 30 October 2010

Updated: Flea Items!!!

So the flea market's today!!! Have updated some more items that will be up for grabs during the flea...
For updates, just click on the "Flea Items" tab just below my blog banner k? =)

Note: If more than 1 reservation is noted for an item, item goes to highest bidder.

1.  Supre loose-fit singlets. In black and white. $5 each.
The cutting is really the lao lao kind, so tank top or tube or sports bra must be worn inside, unless you're an exhibitionist or something...


 2. Supre Hoodie Jacket. 3/4 sleeves. Black. $10

3. Joop Blazer Jacket. In Off-white. Worn only once. $15

 4. Loose-fit drape cardigan with optional button-front at the waist. Brown. Brand new, not worn.

 5. Black Skirt. Just a simple black skirt with slight lace detailing at the top. $8.

6. Green 3/4 Maxi Dress. Brand New. $25

7. Multi-way Halter Top / Long Skirt. $5.

8. Brown Low-Back Halter-Neck Dress with Draped Skirting. Worn once for a mini concert at Esplanade. Bids open from $25.

*Shudders* This was 3 years ago. And I swear I've improved. Lol~
And got prettier. 
And I've since left that company. For good. Though they did give me plenty of chances to perform. Oh well, let's not talk about it...

 That was the only time I've worn this dress. And finally I've decided to part with it...

This detail was sewn on. Can be removed if you don't like it, but I find it makes the dress look a lot better. And better suited for my height. Lol~

9. Supre Loose-fit Cardigan. $10

10. Cross-back Top. Pink. Worn once. $10

11. Low-cut Olive green long top with tie-front. Not worn. $15

12. Pink T-shirt. Worn twice. $5.

13. (SOLD) Pink furry bathrobe. I bought this bathrobe in Houston (in the states) for quite a price. The material's ultra comfy and makes me feel sexy just wearing it, but my room is getting cramped, and something's gotta give. Letting this go at $40. *ouch*

14. Black draped top with attached tube. $10

15. Tie-back Top with Wrap Collar. In striped and black.  $8

16. Cowl Collar Black Top. Clearly a mistake. Too big for me. Great for plus-sized girls. =) Price tag still attached. Lol. In swiss francs la. Letting it go at $10.

17.  Structured A-Line Dress. Worn only once. Very good material. A bit heart pain to let this go, but it exposes my fat arms. Lol. So...yup, letting this off at $25.

18. Mango Checkered Skirt. I slimmed down. So it's time to let it find another owner. =) Colour's great for fall/winter season~ $15

 Know you know why? I'm currently a Eur 36.

19. Lime-green Skirt. Never worn. $12

 20. Miss Sixty's Denim A-Line Skirt. Too small for me. My ass not that small~ *SOBS!!!!* Letting this go at $30. *another heartpain*

21. Elle Sports Denim A-Line Skirt. Worn once. $15.

22. Washed Denim A-Line Skirt. $15.

 Pocket detailing.


23. Leather Full-length Skirt. Don't ask me why I bought this. I can't remember. But it's actually quite edgy.
Never worn. $25. 



24. Layered Bubblegum Skirt. In red. Why on earth did I ever think I could fit into this???? Too too small for me. Mums can even buy for your 8 year olds. For X'mas? =D Material's very nice though. $10.

 25. Esprit Military Jacket with Frilly Center. I'm out of ideas to name my clothes. Lol. Worn only once. $25.

26. Pseudo-suede Silk-lined Jacket. One of my favourites. I just thought maybe it's time for it to go. Love the material,especially the lining... $20

27. Mphosis Dress with Elastic Waisted Band. In pink Worn only once. $15.

 28. Princess Dress with Embroidered V-Line Detailing. Never worn. $20.

29. Simple Princess Dress. $20

30. Skin Food Nail Polish, in RE101 Red. Bought too many of those because I never thought I would leave the airline so soon...I never believed in spending so much on OPI when I can get the same results with something loads cheaper. (Plus OPI or not, they all chip after a flight or 2. All stewardesses can vouch for that.) $4 each (Skinfood's selling this at $5.50, if I'm not mistaken.)

 The actual colour after applying on the nails. Chio right? I love this shade of red!!!

31. Floral Tube-dress with Belt. Worn only once. $10.

32. Navy Blue Dress with Puffed Sleeves. Never worn. A little bit tight for me. $10.

33. Batik-print Top. Green.

34. Forever 21 Pink Dress. Worn once.

34. Billabong Black Dress. Worn once.

35. Asymetrical Tunic.

36. Joop Frilly-Detail Shirt

Email me should you want to 'chope' anything okay? Otherwise all these items will be up for grabs at the Flea @ SCAPE this coming Saturday, 30th October 2010. 

More items at my stall itself!!! Do come and support kk?  ;)

See you at the Flea @ Scape this afternoon, from 1pm-8pm!!!

That Silver Girl


  1. hello! can i know you going sell your nail polish @ how much ? (:

  2. hi, may i know how much is the nail polish? =)

  3. hi, do you still have the (31. Floral Tube-dress with Belt. Worn only once. $10.)?

  4. Is the nail polish still available for sales ?