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There's something about flea markets - vintage items, collectors' items, things which have stories behind them - who gave it, why, and now why that item is on sale...or  things which the owner doesn't want anymore but unbeknownst to her, amidst that clutter of stuff lies an item which is a rare beauty, or is something which you have been searching for the longest time...

Am I babbling? Nah, doubt it. It's only 1a.m. (Gee...the paradox~) Strange as it may be to you, I'm most productive at night, and 1am is the time I won't keep sweating and wanting to fall asleep because of humidity/brightness/lunch.

But seriously, I've been to Portobello market in London (curse myself for not taking more pictures when I was flying!!!! ARGH~!!!!!), and the range of things you see on sale, WHOA~ Amazing. From drawings to clothings to shoes and bags to old watches and handmade accessories to pottery and antiques (Portobello is famous for antiques). You'll need at least 4 hours to really soak in that market. It's a road that stretches for about 2 miles, which is more than 3km long~~~ If you ever happen to be in London on a Saturday, go there. And be there about 8:30-9am, cause it will get REALLY crowded after 11.

 The array of things you will see...and that is not all. =)

Because the road is soooo long, and there are dealers selling all kinds of stuffs. Wow~ Did I say I love flea markets? =DD

 The Portobello crowd on a Saturday.

If u're curious, you can always head over to to take a look. =)

Now, of course the flea markets in Singapore are nothing compared to Portobello, but that doesn't stop us from wanting to find interesting items, maybe even at pre-owned price~ Given how some of us shop... (I mean girls AND guys yeah? I know some of you boys out there are shopping freaks. Don't try to hide or look the other way, I see you...), I'm sure there are some things we own which we KNOW by now are mistakes or impulse buys. And there are some things given to us by someone once special, which serve no purpose to us anymore, and feelings for those inanimate objects died with feelings for that someone long ago...Instead of clinging on to these things which will just clutter your house AND your life, I say get a flea market stall and sell them. Don't throw them just yet, because you have no idea who might just want these things. Of course stuff like your ki mor already t-shirts and spoiled-underwire bras and yellowed underwear don't take out and sell la...(wah damn gross...) If you want to don't tell me, because I'll just think you're some disgusting cheap slut who hopes perverts will buy your worn underwear for $500 a piece. EeeEEeEE!!!!! (I know some people do that, but please don't come and tell me you're one of them okay? *shudders*)

Anyway, eh hem, I've got a truckload of clothes I wish to sell. I don't really want to throw them or give them to the Salvation Army just yet because hey, if I can earn some money as well as get rid of my things, why not right? $5 a piece also can what. Only when they don't sell, will I decide to donate to the SA. ^^ So~~~~

I've got a flea market stall!!! Yup, you can catch me up close and personal (IRL!!!!!!) as your chio pasar malam auntie (yah what, pasar malams are flea markets too, no? LOL~~!!) selling my pre-owned stuff!!!! Sorry pervies, no used underwear nor smelly bras for you~

What? Beauty and the Beast Flea Market
When? 30 October 2010
Where? SCAPE Youth Park
Time? 1400 - 2000 (That's 2pm to 8pm for you~)

What you will find, instead, are items like....

Some of these items have never been worn. Like this cardigan.

I also have like 10 bottles of red Skinfood nail polish which I bought when I was in Korea 2 years ago. Still new and the lacquer's in perfect condition.

 Actual colour.
 I personally find this red as good as the OPI ones, but at a fraction of the price. Will sell them cheaper than Skinfood does okay? The reds are really beautiful - not too bright, not too deep... *slurps*
 P/S. This is natural nail without base coat nor top coat. Already so nice leh~~~

Other items which will be on sale will be updated on my blog these coming 2 weeks, so stay tuned guys~ ;)

Okay, I'm sure some of you are itching to set up your own stalls and sell something. Know what? You can. And at a special rate only MY readers can get. Normal rate? $50 per booth. Silver Ang's readers? $45 per booth. Nice deal? You can sell 1 less item to recoup your stall rental fee. =)

All you gotta do to register....

Email to with the subject: Beauty and the Beast Flea with Silver Ang

Include the following details -
Contact number:
What you will be selling that day:
Blogshop/blog URL

Each booth includes a 3x3 ft table, and 2 chairs.

A confirmation email will be sent out within 2 days of receiving your registration.

So, er...what can I sell?

  • Pre-loved stuff
  •  Bags
  • Shoes (no smelly ones, please)
  • Toys
  • Apparels
  • Accessories
  • Facial Products (Must be brand new)
  • Whatever you can come up with, except....

 No-no~~~Cannot Sell These Things...
  • Insurance or Financial Products/Services
  • Food & Beverages. (Sorry don't come and sell your curry poks here.)
  • Anything illegal/prohibited by law

And since Halloween falls on the following day, all stall owners are to be dressed in your chio-est and yandao-est best. Because the organizers are looking for "The Most Beautiful & Beastly Flea Vendor" (sounds like selling 

"The Most Beautiful & Beastly Flea Vendor" will be entitled discounts on their next flea and will be featured on theYoursfleafully Yf's Facebook page, as well as on their blog.

If you're worried about the crowd, Coke Zero will be holding a dance competition at the SCAPE Youth Park as well, and the flea's right next to them~ ;)

There will be over 70 stalls to look out for, so let's create our own little Portobello here in sunny Singapore, shall we? And oh, do bring a friend, so you guys can take turns shopping at other stalls while someone tends to your own stall. ^^

Registration starts now~! See you there~ *wink*


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  1. Thanks for sharing the information! I've submitted my registration already! Hope to see you there! =)