Monday, 13 September 2010

Xcellence Prince Alton Is 5!!!!!!

Woohoo!!!! It's Alton's birthday!!! (10 September).

I remember when he was a baby...

Alton at barely 2 months old...



 A few months ago. Lolololol!!!!!

You can see more of his puppy pictures in my post about him

Looking all regal on his birthday~ Become king already lor...last time gong dai gong dai like handsome liao, got the "seh" already...

Durian cake from Emicakes!!!! Yum! Take it very chilled, and it'll taste superb~

Looking good together~

He really should tone down on his way of kissing......

Mummy...I'm more cute lor... *looks sheepish*

Time for the cake!!!

HA! Can you see his mouth mark on the cake???

I love being able to give him treats like this on special occasions like his birthday. And X'mas. And CNY. A dog doesn't get to be with us for very long, and what's life if he can't enjoy little sinful pleasures once in a while? =D

Very nice leh Mummy!!!


Want more!!! *watches as we keep the rest away*

Can I eat the rest too...? Don't keep please....

Alton has turned 5 HAPPILY~ And I'm glad he is...

I'm getting all emotional because turning 5 means Alton is in his mid-life...which means....okay I don't want to talk about it... He has been such a darling to me all his life...and I don't even know why I'm crying now...I wish he will just get older and older and older...that's it...and that he won't leave me and get to watch me get married and have kids and be able to play with my kids...but I know it's not possible... okok I shall stop or my makeup will smudge now....

Your Dearest Mummy


  1. So adorable..hehehe. He likes durian? :p

  2. cute dog, emicakes is dog friendly food?
    i've got a KCC as well. they're really adorable!

  3. such a handsome boy! i've been waiting a KCC for a while... but I have 2 cats at the moment, one's 15 and one's 13. better not to torture them with a dog in the house!
    my cats are getting on in their years too, so i can really related to that heart-achy twinge you feel..

  4. LJ>> He LOVES durian!!! Like mother like son! Lol!

    Anon>> No leh emicakes isn't approved la. Just remember--> No chocolates!
    Yeah CKCs are really affectionate! Very manja~

    pL>> I think if you intro a CKC now he'll get clawed until jialat jialat, plus you know how irritating puppies can get, being curious about EVERYTHiNG~ Hahaha~ Old cats...I'm sure they've brought you joy these past 10 over years.