Thursday, 26 November 2009

Xcellence Prince Alton - DOB 10Sep'05 - Silver Ang's Non-Biological Son

Today, I shall flood u guys with my royal highness' pictures~

The day I brought Alton home. He was 2 months old.

His birthday falls on 10Sep'05.
He's a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, pedigree, of Champion parentage ;)

Same size as my notebook. (Shorter than my forearm!)

 Day 1 in his new home~

Day 2 in his new home~ Officially 2 months old!

Just slightly more than a week later. They grow damn fast~


He was such a darling....(still is la~ not the same though...not the same...)

Looking so small in his cage. In my bedroom.

When he was young not much smell nvm... I'm amazed my room has the capacity to hold his cage~

You know the size of a normal marble tile right? In comparison, Alton is puny...

His head was huge. And I love the way his ears form the triangles~

I absolutely love this picture. Mainly because it has such history. You see that beanie soft toy Cavalier King Charles' Spaniel beside Alton? I bought it in my Nanyang Girl days. Meaning secondary school (sec 2 if I didn't remember wrongly). Meaning I've loved this breed since before I knew what this breed was. That love never waned even years later. Many years later... 10, and counting.... =D

(If you see more of that breed as a soft toy, pls help me buy? Cos I can't seem to find it anymore...)

zzzzZZZZ (my mum bought that bed for Alton...even I love that bed~ Simply because it was sooooooooooooo comfortable....and pink) 

He climbed onto my neck to sleep.....while I was sleeping... -.-"

So small.....

Okay yucks this is a 2005 I looked like yucks then~ if u remember my PSS days....eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Concentrate on Alton...

Here's Alton, 4 years after he first stepped foot on this bed...

Here I am trying to take a picture of him after having NOT taken a picture of him for so long...a year? Months, maybe....

Mummy trying to make me pose~

"Thanks the whole bloody world my baby pictures...."

I love my dog!

    And he loves me too~

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