Thursday, 12 August 2010

Review: Allure Eyebrow Embroidery - Touch-Up

About 3-4 weeks after my initial eyebrow embroidery, I went back to touch-up. Because most of the scab had fallen off, some of the colour fell with the scab as well (remember eyebrow embroidery only adds colour to the top layer of the skin, unlike tattooing).

Like the previous time, they applied anaesthetic cream on my brows first.

Not sure if you can tell, but my brows got holes. Result of the fallen scabs.

Coco tidied up my own brows first. Lazy me had decided to let my own brows grow shape already still don want to's like you have a stencil there so even if you overpluck it's okay!

Okay now we can start.

The special ink on her glove is what is being used to add colour to my brows.

For some reason, the touch up is more painful than the initial embroidery itself. Not sure if it's because there's insufficient anaesthetic cream used, I didn't wait as long for the anaesthetic to take effect, or what. Coco told me because the skin has already been cut once for the embroidery, it's thinner now, so I would tend to feel more pain. The pain is bearable though. I didn't tear, or scream, or anything...

After she's done with me lying down, I was asked to sit up. This is because when you sit up, somehow the dimensions of your brows look different. So Coco touches up some strokes to make sure my brows are balanced.

Then she also said that when she looks me straight in the face and when she looks at me through the mirror, it's slightly different also! More accurate. So precise hor?

I know many of you are waiting for the close-up!!!! *excited* It looks damn natural, and no, Esther, I don't look like crayon shinchan immediately after!

Nice right????!!!!! You can see stroke by stroke, imitating the brows so it looks strand by strand. Looks just like real brows! Only when you look closely will you realize that the "hair" doesn't pop out! Of course it doesn't! It's chinese painting! Lol!!!

Even though it hurt bit more, there was no redness! So you know the pain is bearable. =)

With the pretty eyebrow embroidery expert, also the managing director of Allure.

Read the original eyebrow embroidery post here!

My brows have since settled down nicely. This touch-up was done in mid July, and you can make references to my brows now on my previous few posts. They're still nicely in shape!

You want nice brows too? Go get yours done la~!

Update: This post was in 2010, and I have since gone for another session last year (2014). You can read more about that experience here, where I have posted better pictures thanks to my camera upgrades. =)



  1. Really natural!Save time on makeup..hehehe

  2. very nice! but how much?

  3. Ya really nice and natural~ How much is it to do it?

  4. If I'm not wrong, they were having a promotion at $388. Call them to enquire! 62708845 =)

  5. When will the promotion end? =)

  6. Hey hey!!! I checked with Allure. Eyebrow Embroidery starts from $198. But because everyone's eyebrow growth pattern is different, they use different techniques. My brows are a combination of Eyebrow Embroidery, Creative Eyebrow as well as the Allure Signature Brows.

    If you guys want to model after my type of brows, go there and tell them "I want Silver's type of brows!" ;) They'll know what you are talking about, especially Coco and Angela. =)

    Or if you're still in doubt, just drop in for a consultation and ask them about the rates and what procedure you need for your brows! They'll be happy to advise you, and consultation is free. You can always go home, consider, then come back another time should you decide on doing the brows. ;)

  7. Hi Sliver! I just did my creative eyebrow at allure today! super satisfied man! price abit more steep but value for money, haha! Aft reading ur post i oso went to try, keke =)

  8. I'm going tonight for Creative E. I hope I will get same results with you but I'm only getting the Senior Therapist as its already outside my budget. I cannot afford the Director's level but really hoping their therapist have great skills!

  9. Sharon>> I'm glad the results were up to your expectations! There's nothing I fear more than giving bogus reviews lor! Good good!!!

    Anon>> Hey do update me on how the results went okay? Did you mention that I referred you? =)

  10. Anon: My eyebrows were done by Ms Coco, she's gd! =) I guess the senior therapist are as experienced! (: gd luck!

    Sliver: Hee hee, v happy nw, thanks thanks~! =)
    U mean if we mention we're referred by you got special treatment? But anyway i told angela i read ur blog tats y i decided to haf my eyebrows done at Allure de, heh heh... She say u v photogenic lor~! keke... :>

  11. Sharon>> Wah lao don't call me Sliver leh...bleah~

    Not sure abt special treatment la, but got topic talk abt ma, then it always helps to have the ice broken. =) Angela's very pretty hor!

    And mine's done by Coco as well~

  12. To Big eye, Opps I dun mean to call u sliver, ps ps, mai angry k... Its a v natual thing tat i'll spell it tat way, my apologies~ heh...

    Haha yea i mention to angela abt u tat day, i told her ur chi name & she was like blur, but when i say Silver Ang, den she ohhhh tat girl, v photogenic, take pic no matter how u take oso pretty 1... (: yup, she look really nice in person, she helped me drew my brows tat day, so rong xing~! =)

  13. To big_eyes & sharon : How much did each of you pay for the creative eyebrow? :-)