Monday, 4 January 2010

Holiday in HK!!!! --> Days 1 & 2

In case you didn't already know, I went for a 1-week-long holiday with my primary school best friend Junhao and his gf to Hong Kong. And boy, was it a fulfilling trip! Never mind the bloody nose and the constantly-forming scab which kept blocking up my nosrils, the having to wake up early every morning, not having a whole big room to myself which I've become so accustomed to thanks to my flying days, which also meant sharing a room with a couple which made me feel like I'm hindering their sexcapades (it's their first overseas trip tgt! But then again, I probably added on to the excitement of not getting caught cos I was sleeping on the upper deck of the double decker bed while they took the lower one), and of course, being away from the people I love...n having to take a break from my riding lessons. =P WHAT!!! I ENJOY MY BIKE LESSONS CANNOT AH??!!!!

So here it is, my holiday~ (I seriously think the mentioned places or the HK tourism board should like pay me or KIDDING!!! This is for all of you who wishes to go visit Hong Kong, or have been there and the only thing you've ever done is shopping.)

Day 1

Yes we took Cathay. Because we couldn't manage to get other cheaper tickets already.  Budget airlines are sold out, and so were the SQ promotion tickets.

So sad la! I had wanted to have Toast Box for brekkie, but apparently T1 was under MAJOR renovation, and Toast Box was temporarily we settled for Starbucks...

Junhao having a Starbucks happy moment...

 There. Junhao. My best friend since we were 11. We talked on the phone like EVERY day for hours la, and shared jokes, got into trouble together, played cheat together during mental sums and spelling and dictation, copied homework (he was in charge of Maths, me English, another girl did Science, but she has since lost that familiar touch with us...which saddens me till now...since she was my best friend then, and the reason why I went to Nanyang Girls' later on...)


 The aircraft was parked like so far away la...I was tired so I decided to sit on my Samsonite even when I was on the travellator. I know...damn lazy right? But I was tired la!!! Didn't sleep the whole night before the flight leh!!! (Don't ask me why...)

Tip: Never, ever, EVER try to pose while trying to balance your arse on a partially hardcase cabin bag...

(N I can't believe I'm posting this!)

Fast forward---->
We arrived, bought like all the tickets that according to websites would be cheaper if we got them at the airport, like Disneyland, Ocean Park and Sky Terrace, Peak Tram n Madame Tussaud's Museum tickets. We bought the Octopus card at the airport too. This card's similar to our EZ-Link card, and has a validity of 3 years, after which, you just need to activate the card again at any MTR station counter. (They call their version of our MRT the MTR.) The card costs HKD150(xchange rate's appx 1SGD to 5HKD) and has 100HKD credit, the additional 50HKD is the deposit for the card, and is fully refundable upon return of the card.

We took airport bus A21 (33HKD - standard airport bus rate) to our budget hostel accomodation at 先施大厦, at this place called the Ah Shan Hostel, previously also known as the Dragon Inn. All in all, it was quite decent, since I wasn't going to be in my room while I'm on holiday, each room is fully air-conditioned and comes with its own bathroom, and the beds and rooms are quite clean and comfortable. AND!!!! It's located in Mongkok! It's like Bugis area la! Damn happening, and loads to shop!!!! 女人街 is just downstairs, and the MTR station is like, JUST 1 block away!!! Best part? I paid like less than SG$200 for 6 nights' accomodation!!! Cheap la!!!!!! Since anyway even the 4-5 star hotel rooms in HK are not very much bigger than this.

I suddenly regretted not taking a picture of the other bedroom we got. JH n I shared this room on the first 2 nights, then Huiyu joined us. She was with her school on a school trip, and they were arriving into HK from China. So we changed to a bigger room when she moved in with us.

 OMG I'm in Hong Kong Mongkok!!! Yippee!!!!

Time for dinner!!! We chose to have KFC for the night!!! Cos the KFC in HK is good la!!!

We ordered Egg tarts (Slurp!!!), Criss Cut fries, Zinger Burger, and Mushroom Rice.

The highlight of the night - KFC Egg Tarts.
Their egg tarts are so insanely delicious, I feel hungry just blogging about them now.... The egg is damn smoooooth lor, and the tart is not those hoon-hoon (powdery powdery) kind...damn shiok!!! Bliss man~~~
Go try them if you're ever in HK, and you'll know what I mean...
And oh! They give out gloves to eat ur chicken with! In case you don't want to dirty your hands, but heck, where the "finger-licking-good" if you eat with plastic noisy shhh-shhaaa-shhh-shhaaa gloves??!!! N licking gloves ain't my idea of delicious~

It was Christmas Eve after all, and we just HAD to go to some happening place tonight, right? JH n HY are not drinkers or clubbers or pubbers, and were just poor average-family students without much income, so Lam Kwai Fong is out. We walked all the way from our hostel across 女人街 to Nathan Road to Canton Road, where supposedly all the fun is.

Check out all the happenings behind us on Nathan Road!

There were like people carolling EVERYWHERE!!!

What we DIDN'T expect was that at the end of Nathan Road, this would be it...
Disappointing to the max...

Day 2

Mainly shopping today, but for dinner...we went to........

YES!!! THERE HAVE BRANCHES IN HONG KONG!!!!!!!! This restaurant is toilet-themed. Like all their food are served in urinals or toilet bowls or bathtubs. And all their seats are actual toilet bowls...
I mean...I've been to the one in TW, Ximending, but I was happy to know that I can get to go with JH n HY in HK~ Company's different ma~ Who you go with makes a lot of difference to how your experiences go~
This one's at Portland Street at Mongkok. inside MPM building.

The entrance~

The ceiling lamps are like shit-shaped! And they have urinals on the walls!

Toilet bowl seat! You sit on the lids of course...

Because the seats are actual toilet bowls, they need to take case some idiots really open up the lids n start peeing in there....

This is some brownie thingy which was highly recommended. Served in a squat pan. (Or whatever you call those type of toilet you squat n hover above.) Turns out it wasn't as fantastic as they said it would be. Oh well...we had fun eating this...

Genuinely proceeding with caution, just cos it really looks like shit.

Wah grotesque!!!! Got look like toilet bowl with urine stains not cleaned up properly or not?

Me n my gek-sai face... Food's served in a toilet bowl. This one's called some Thai Tom Yum thingy...I forgot the name~ But it's sedap la~~~ The soup's good lor!

They ordered some Southern or Japanese Curry thingy...but not as shiok as mine leh...Personal taste~~

Not really a fan of gelat stuff....or Japanese this didn't work for me....

And dessert was served.... Like some really grotesque brown mess la~~~
This was some Chocolate thing. I remembered I had like BB Chuah Cheh Sai in TW, and that tasted better. And the ice was damn coursely ground lor! Nothing to shout about.
But for fun, we ate this up (or tried to) anyway~

It was effing huge can~ Bigger than my face!!!

 Because it was so huge, and I was used to eating Ice Kachang with like loads of liao inside the ice...I wondered if this monster has ho liao inside the ice, like Atap Chee or something. So I started digging....

Lo and behold! I found red beans and grass jelly inside!!!! Like, REALLY GOT LIAO LEH!!!! Ok la, no Atap Chee or anything, but got 满足感 okay...for discovering things inside the ice....muahaha!!!

The 残局 after the damage was done. Looks like someone had a very bad tummyache....

We went back to our hostel room happy and contented after the visit to the Modern Toilet....ahh~~~
*Si fok sai.....~~*

That's that for the first 2 days. Day 3 is gonne be a suuuuuuuuuuuuuuper long entry so I shall stop here. I will separate the next few days into separate posts so I don't die typing at my laptop.

I'm off to bed. More tmr!


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  3. hie hie , is the toilet-themed restraunt still there? have u been thee after 2010 trip?