Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Hello! Haven't spoken to you in a while, and I can't believe CNY is over just like that. I didn't really do much bai-nianing this year, just the family and extended family. But here are some pictures!

My grandparents' place would always have these potted festive plants at the corridor during CNY. It's been like this ever since I could remember, and I really appreciate this effort (much of it goes to my Mum who usually is the one buying them). Makes the house look so much more 喜气洋洋!

Borrowed this head-dress from my little cousin!

And yeah, when you're at that age where almost everyone around you has gotten married, you're bound to get the questions like "Oh, do you have a boyfriend? When are you getting married? Yada yada yada yada blah blah blah~~~" Seriously, this gets old man. The good thing is, since everyone else around you is married, you get more angpows! Haha! Buay paiseh I know. Teach you a trick - tell them you need to save a few more years' ang pow money because marrying is expensive these days. “红包钱包多一点我就快一点可以结婚了!” Haha! Worked like a charm for me this year. 

First angpow from the closest cousin I grew up with! She's younger than me by a month but she's my aunt. Thank you Ah Yi!

You know, I never open up my angpows from that year. I usually keep them until the next year before I open and consolidate my "earnings".

I've still always followed the tradition of having to buy new clothes for the new lunar year, and I did the same for Alton!
Got ti from Taiwan! At like less than S$20! Locally most dog clothes cost even more than human clothes lor!

Not forgetting the lou hei of course. Lou Hei was done on the 7th day of the lunar new year, known as Ren Ri (人日), and it celebrates the birthday of all mankind. I wrote a post about this many years back!

HUAT AH!!! Hope your CNY has been a fruitful one! 
Now, time to go open those last year angpows...

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