Thursday, 11 February 2016

Monkey Year Resolutions

I've somehow gotten so caught up being busy that I totally missed making my 2016 resolutions. Okay I've been really away from blogging. Too many reasons why, but I'm back. =D

It's the 3rd day of the Chinese New Year, and I think it's not too late to make my New Year resolutions. We always make them, and then keep them for a week or 2, and somehow life/laziness takes over and these well-intended resolutions get neglected or ditched. Still, it's always fun to make them, and you never know when just one resolution could change your life. 

I'm making just 5 this year so that I will remember them and make it easier to keep them.

I've neglected my body quite a lot the last year due to a tear in my left gluteus maximus (in other words, that huge muscle which is my left butt that extends to my upper back and side thigh) more than 6 months ago. I tried running 5km today, and that left butt still felt funny, but I'm going to try to rebuild and recondition the muscles so they get stronger with time.

Another effort to keep my body healthy. I've been so bad with hydration that I could go an entire day on maybe one small glass of water. I read a recent article that suggested drinking water could help with dark eye circles. I'm a walking human panda if I don't have my concealer. An aesthetics doctor friend once told me that dark eye circles are really incurable, especially if they weren't caused by shadows. I'd like to test this out and give hope to the panda people around me. I bought a 0.95 litre bottle from Cotton On last week (that wouldn't close properly zzz). Hopefully that keeps my new drinking habit in check. ;)

I've been terrible at keeping time. For appointments, work, anything. Like I can tell myself I need to be out the house by 7am, and then 7am comes and I remember I need to do something else before I can go. This year I aim to be 10-15 minutes early for all my appointments. Which also means I need to organize my time better.

 More money for the future. Which translates to earn more, and save more. 
都幾歲了。 It's about time.

Decide to accomplish 3 things every day. (Not including any of the above resolutions.) Studies show the most productive people set out 3 goals for themselves daily. Ones which would make me feel successful and accomplished when completed. So I've ordered a personalised planner like this one which I've been using the past year, and somehow having a planner I enjoy using helps me plan my day better. ^.^

So there, my 5 resolutions for the year. I have others of course, but these 5 are my must-keeps. I hope you are keeping up with your own, if not, it's not too late to revisit them or make new ones now. 

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  1. that book is so beautiful... how do you do that?