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I've never really walked into a jewellery store, especially those with big names that sell diamonds and wedding bands. Well maybe once when I wanted to buy a ring for my pinkie (they say wearing one at your pinky helps to ward off 小人 (people who try to hurt you, behind your back or otherwise). Or maybe as a kid when grandma or Mummy wanted to buy gold bracelets and stuff and I had no choice but to be there. But that was it. 

Because well, I always thought these kind of shops are just for people looking to buy rings to propose to their girlfriends or for couples to buy their wedding bands. And since I have been nowhere near marrying I don't go to these shops.

So it happened that not too long ago, I was invited to Love & Co. to check out their new LVC Charmes Love Story locket collection. And thus this marks my virgin experience at a proper jeweller, where I actually try on stuff! Yay! #achievementunlocked

I love how you can customise each sapphire glass locket to include up to 4 charms which could have some significance to the wearer. It could be a simple I ♡ U like what is shown, or you can choose your initials and include numbers like your anniversary date. It has a little key at the side, which means it's also suitable for a 21st birthday gift. You can buy a charm for every special occasion too! So like maybe 2 initials for yourself and your partner, and your babies' initials as they arrive! (I'm assuming if you intend to stop at 2. But please have more babies if you want to!)

Looking through all the different charm options.

They have this interactive site where you can go and customise your very own locket pendant just to see how it'll look like prior to your purchase at the store. There you can look at the charms available, and you can have a visual idea of how the rose gold locket will look with the white gold letters, or how the white gold locket with diamonds will look like with your selected charms. Go check it out at

Here I've done one with the rose gold locket, my initial (S for Silver) as well as my dog's intials (A for Alton). I've also added the little heart which means Silver ❤ Alton and a little ribbon, just because it looks nice. =D 

4 charms is the max. Cos it'll look too cramped and any more just won't fit.

Love & Co. specialises in bespoke bridal jewellery and wedding bands, and well, since I was obviously not there to buy anything, I HAD to take this chance to try their rings on. Because who knows when I'll get to again?

Come to think of it, most girls don't get a chance to try on their engagement/proposal rings. The guy proposes, the ring is already purchased and presented right in front of you, you either accept or you don't, yes? Most of the time it's just the guys who get the torture fun of shopping for the proposal ring!

Or you can, just for the heck of it, bring your guy into a jeweller and try on rings just for fun. *Or if you're a guy, bring a girl in and let her try just for fun. I won't do it myself though, because it's so awkward, and it's supposed to be a surprise. But you can always try. =)

*Do it only if you are actually serious about wanting to marry her someday okay, don't be zek ark and get someone's hopes up then crush it.

Their signature LVC Lovemark range.

Personally, I think a simple ring like this is very nice already. It's timeless, it's classic, it's simple and doesn't get too over-the-top. *hint to whoever may decide to propose to me and keep me for life in the future*

Taking the opportunity to look at their wedding bands too! 

 I've never looked at a diamond and understood what each cut means. Because to me, they are all just sparkly. Next time you visit, ask to see close-ups of the diamonds to see the differences.

Every LVC Lovemark diamond is Ideal Cut, which means to say it is "Excellent" in proportions, symmetry and polish. Which also means it's really sparkly and of amazing workmanship. 
This is pink because they used a pink filter, so you can see the cutting clearly.

Each LVC Lovemark diamond also comes with its very own exclusive LVC Lovemark as well as a unique identification number, inscribed at the heart of the diamond. This is invisible to the naked eye, and can only be seen with a special LVC Lovemark viewer.

See that?

That is so cool! This is great because you know, if for example, you need to pawn off your ring, and then check whether it's really yours when you get it back? Like just a good way to know that this diamond is exclusively yours. =D

Something Special for You

Valentine's Day is coming. Get your special someone a little gift of love. I'll do you a favour, quote "LVCxSilverAng" and get S$100 off at any Love & Co. showroom. 

Offer valid till 30 April 2016. ♡

You can first check out the collection here -->

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Lots of Love,