Monday, 8 February 2016


Happy Chinese New Year!

It's been a good year of the goat! I've done a number of things that I'm pretty proud of - acted in my first movie (not as a cameo ok), started gigging at pubs (something I've always wanted to do cos I feel the experiences help me to improve), started being more regular on a Taiwanese talk show WTO姐妹會, and recontracted my endorsement with Allure Beauty, amongst other things, so I'm truly grateful for all the opportunities given. Namaste. (Yes I tried Yoga for the first time in my life too.) =)

I think the greatest thing that happened for me in the goat year is that I've made peace with a very dear friend I thought I'd lost for good. =D It's like 一大塊石頭終於放下來了, without even knowing you've been carrying it around. Sometimes life happens in such a way that it all somehow will find a way out in the end. I don't really know how it will go from here, but I have a pretty good feeling about it. ❤ 

So the last day of the goat has me and my mum frantically cleaning the house,  with her somehow accidentally flooding the living room and me accidentally breaking a vase and stepping on shards along the way. Oh well, that means all the bad that was supposed to happen has happened and gone! Phew!

Me after spring cleaning. Or rather after cutting my foot on a broken glass. Lol! 

Speaking of bleeding I donated blood yesterday! It's true you know, what they say about giving making you feel good about yourself because you know somehow you've helped or will help make someone's day. 

Took me just 7 minutes to fill this bag up! #soproudofmyself
By the way, blood donation is not as scary as it seems okay. It's a really straightforward process, and you don't feel the pain at all. Just watch the TV, or play with your phone. You won't even know the needle's in. And you'll feel proud of yourself for helping to save someone's loved one in the end. =D

I'm in a really chirpy mood because well, it's CNY, and also because every fengshui source tells me this year will be really good for me. It's a big thing okay, especially since I've been 犯ing太歲 for the longest number of years lol. Or that I have to maintain low profile and just 安分守己 and not take risks and stuff. FINALLY 輪到我出人頭地了!YES! 

I haven't made my 2016 resolutions yet, but I think I have a list brewing and I intend to keep them this year. For now, I'll go have a good rest. Waking up at 7:30am to 拜年 later! Goodnight world!

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