Sunday, 22 November 2015

Review: The GP F Series Powerbank FN05M

Recently, I got my hands on a new mobile PowerBank by the GP Battery Experts. I never thought about this before, but mobile powerbanks made by the battery people could be the answer to good phone juice savers. No one should know juice more than them, yes?

This model, the FN05M, comes very sleek and in a nice size. I like that it is in a sleek silver colour as well. #nothingtodowithmyname 

Because it lies flat, I don't have to worry about it rolling off the table despite it's roundish shape.

The FN05M uses a Lithium ion battery of 3.7V 5200mAh. The PowerBank's charging input is 1A, whereas the output, which is the one that you use to charge your phone is 2.1A. This means that technically, you can use this to charge your tablets. This also means that charging your phone would be 2x faster as compared to regular mobile power banks.

The GP F Series PowerBanks all comply with the UN38.3 air transport safety standard, so you don't have to worry about bringing them with you when travelling.

Below the output socket, there is a dot. This is the LED indicator for how much juice is still in the PowerBank. Green indicates that battery strength is good, yellow/orange average, and red means it is low on juice and you should probably charge it. The manual states that recharging the FN05M takes about 8 hours, but I think it was full at 5. You may want to charge 8 hours during the first charge. This PowerBank auto cuts off when it is full, or when it senses overheating, so you don't have to worry about overcharging the PowerBank and causing its battery life to weaken over time. 

I used it with my Samsung S5, and I've had problems charging Samsung phones with other PowerBanks, because apparently they need a higher output current as well as more juice to charge. I could charge my S5 from 0% to 100% in 2 hours (with very little usage in between). 

The PowerBank indicator turned from green to orange and red, and when it's full, it just cuts off by itself so I didn't have to worry about over-charging my phone battery, or have my phone overheating from that. 

After I drained my phone again, I tried charging with the PowerBank to see how much juice it could still offer me, and I was pleased that it could still revive my phone from a 0% to approximately 20%. Not bad for a little guy!

The PowerBank comes with its own little cable to use for charging your phone. It is recommended that you use this cable as other cables may be incompatible.

This PowerBank fits nicely in the palm of my hand, and doesn't take up too much space in my handbag either. You know how ladies handbags already have too many things and weigh a ton because we have a big wallet, makeup pouch, tissue, band-aids, keys, phone, and whatever that are important? We don't need a super heavy/big power bank to add to the weight. The FN05M only weighs in at 155grams, and at 99mm(L) x 42mm(W) x 23mm(H), it is really pocket-friendly. even fits in my wristlet clutch bag!

The FN05M retails at S$29, and you can get it from selected Best Denki, Challenger, Courts, Newstead and Popular outlets.

They have other *models which are just as awesome, also with very sleek designs, and have the same protection against overcharging. You might want to consider them as well!

*Prices of F series powerbanks: 
- Pocket friendly design 5,200mAh ($29), 
- Flat and Sleek design 5,000mAh ($39), 
- Flat and Sleek design 10,000mAh ($59) 

For more details, do check out their website at


In case you feel lucky and want to win a GP PowerBank for yourself, leave a comment on GP Battery's facebook page on what you think is the most important feature of the GP F Series PowerBanks, and you may just win yourself one! Contest ends 30 November 2015.

Good luck! 

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