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Review: What is the Hype about Ka'Fen Hair Products?

Hello my new favourite shampoo and hair care products!!!!
You're probably wondering, like I did, what Ka'Fen is. I never knew about this brand, as I have always been a drugstore brand kind of user. But I think this has become my favourite hair care brand now. You probably might not see results after just one wash, but because this product works to restore and nourish your hair from the inside out, you will feel a difference after about a week or 2. I did after one week!

Ka'Fen is one of the very reputable brands of hair care products that are pretty hot in Taiwan right now. A number of Taiwanese celebrities have been raving about them, including people like Ina Yen, Amber Chen and Queen Wei Ru Yun (you know the song 聽見下雨的聲音?Yah, THAT girl who sang the song). Cao Ge's wife (吳速玲)and daughter, as well as artiste Tina Yen (嚴立婷)are also fans of Ka'Fen products.

Ka'Fen was created in 2010, and is particularly well-known for producing haircare products not containing dimethicone, which is actually a kind of silicon oil. Manufacturers use it because of it's coating property, which gives many drugstore brand shampoo that smooth hair effect after just one wash. 

Dimethicone does form a kind of protective layer over the hair, but when used on the skin, or more specifically your scalp, dimethicone can cause skin irritation. Instead of sinking into the skin and nourishing it from the inside out, it forms a kind of plasticky layer over it, which means it can trap bacteria, sebum and impurities on your scalp. The coating property also prevents your skin from performing its normal activities like sweating and sloughing off dead skin cells. 

Doesn't sound like a good ingredient to have on any products you use on the skin. So dimethicone-free = YES PLEASE!

All Ka'Fen hair care products hydrate, lock in moisture to the hair, as well as keep the scalp clean and healthy, but it is advised to use products specific to your hair needs to achieve best results. 

 These are just some of their bestsellers, and they have good reason to be.

Known as the Absolute/Impression series, this is the first series in the Ka'Fen line of products, which is great for people with specific needs for their hair. They have a floral parfum scent, and the smell lasts, which is pretty good for your crazy humid climate. Most times by the time I walk out into the sun for half an hour, my hair reeks of sweat already, bleah.

The first one is anti-dandruff, followed by the one for permed or/and coloured hair, and the next for general repair and deep moisture. The yellow guy on the right is their best-selling treatment, known as the One Minute Treatment.

The first one is the Anti-dandruff shampoo, also known as the Refresh shampoo. Shane tried this one in a blind test (okay I just poured it out for him to wash his hair and he didn't know what I gave him), and sent me this text the next day "I don't know what shampoo you gave me to wash my hair yesterday but my hair FEELS AMAZING!!!" Haha, you know how most guys can't tell the difference for most things right? And this is one guy like that, and HE RAVED ABOUT IT AFTER ONE WASH! Lol! You get the idea. He didn't have dandruff, and the anti-dandruff one is not just for people with flaky scalps, but great for people with oily scalps. On days when I go too long without a hair wash and my roots look oily (I'd say 2 days, MAX), I reach for this one to fix my tresses. It helps give my hair volume and a certain weightlessness so my hair somehow feels bouncier~

You guys know I have really light coloured hair right? And with light hair I have to go to my hairy godmother Angeline every 1-1.5 months to touch up my roots and freshen up my colour. This little guy is great for chemically treated hair like mine. What it does is help to maintain the colour or perm (or rebonding or whatever you've done to your hair) of your hair whilst keeping it healthy. You know how colours tend to fade and change right? And curls become straighter and straighter and straighter? You get the idea.

It contains active wheat protein and amino acids to help repair the hair, and it also creates an anti-UV mask over the hair to protect it. The sun's rays actually cause hair colour to fade (think swimmers), so sun protection, especially for coloured hair, is recommended. If you want your colour to last longer.

This one is my favourite! I don't know, after using this for a week, I felt my hair a lot smoother and nicer to touch. This is recommended for damaged hair, but because I am super kiasu, I would take this even if my hair is not. I'd like to think it isn't THAT damaged, I've had hair that broke even when my hands ran through them in the past. Now I just colour them every month. Nope, my hair is still healthy. Maybe it's the hair colour they use. Maybe it's Ka'Fen. =)

This fellow also adds sheen and glow to your hair, minimises breakage, and controls frizz, so your hair will look like those Shampoo ads kind that you can flick and have it glide past the face of THE boy of your dreams. (Don't flick too hard. We know how it hurts when hair slaps our faces, at least dancers do lolol!)


THIS. The Snail Series. You know how beauty products have somehow incorporated snail essence and the like into their active ingredient list right? Well for those who fear or have some kind of resistance to use products that have anything to do with some kind of animal extracts or fluids, good news for you. This active ingredient is made to MIMIC what beauty products usually use from snail, so no snails were harmed in the making of these products.

This series is suitable for coloured/permed hair, as well as all severely dry and damaged hair. It works to restore the hair's inner structure and is the most moisturizing series so far as compared to other Ka'Fen products. 

The Restore Shampoo works to restore dry and damaged hair back to health, replenishes moisture and ups manageability. It is formulated with moisture-controlling molecule Polyfluroester to restore the protective layer on dry and damaged hair, and reduces porosity by up to 90%. So if you have previously bleached your hair and it now feels like cotton each time you wash it, please, do your hair a favour and give this a try. Your hair will thank you for it. 

The Restore treatment does everything the Shampoo does, except the cleansing part. It also helps to renew softness and shine on your hair. as well as, get this - increases the hair's resistance to breakage by up to 9 TIMES while healing and protecting the hair!!! Apart from the Repairing shampoo above, this is another one I really like. Plus, it smells fruity floral. I've always liked fruity smells~ Mmm~~~

Apart from Taiwan, Ka'Fen has its presence in Hong Kong, Malaysia and recently, Singapore. Ka'Fen expanded into Singapore May this year and should you want to try their products, Brainman Holdings Pte Ltd is their appointed distributor for Singapore. 

For more information on Brainman Holdings and the other products they carry, you can visit

My hair feels so nice now I can't even~~~

Go visit to get your Ka'Fen now!

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