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I think the Singapore Tourism Board must love me because I am one of those young people (without a kid) who actually goes to places like these on a yearly basis. Just this past year alone I have been to the Zoo once, and the Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park twice.

I love the Jurong Bird Park. Because I like birds of all kinds. Ducks, penguins, and clumsy birds are my favourites. Silly animals always get a bit more love from me. Of course, if you haven't been to our Bird Park, you wouldn't know that there is a Lory Loft where you go into this humongous park-like aviary and get to feed them. Or have them feed off you. This is what I mean:

So if you haven't heard, in lieu of SG50, the Jurong Bird Park has this promotion going on which allows you to own a one-year membership as a Feather Friend, for the price of a full-priced ticket. 

Not a bad deal at all. So since Shane and I have gone to the Zoo and the Night Safari in the past months, this deal would make it cheaper to go the bird park on a more regular basis. (I think the admission fee is what deters most Singaporeans from going often. Annual memberships are a little too pricey usually too.)

The Lory Loft is like my FAVOURITE place in the JBP, other than the Penguin Coast. Because you get to touch birds. And I love to touch birds. Ahem. Yes. I do. (I used to own a cockatiel which let me stroke its cheek and pat it.  In return I let it try to lick the freckles off my face, cos it thinks they are seeds. ^.^)

Lory food is available at $3 per cup at the entrance. But because today was a public holiday, I think too many people bought the food and the birds were too full to eat anymore, so people lost interest and left half empty cups in the designated trays intended for empty cups. So I tan dio! Yay~~!!! Eh I save $3 okay, plus there were so many half empty cups why should I spend money to buy more and waste the food right?

Shane managed to attract a lory to the food he was holding.

And then out of nowhere a bird came and decided to land on his head!!! Hahahaha!!!

While busy feeding the first lory. He must be thinking eh what is this???

So Shane attracts birds. Hmm...
By the way I love the duck T-shirt I bought for him in Taiwan. Cos I call myself duck (don't ask why), and I thought I HAD TO GET THIS when I saw it. 

I attracted one myself!

This bird soon lost interest in the food (I really think they have been overfed today) and developed a keen interest in my hair too...

Don't poop on my head. Don't poop on my head. Not in hair. Don't poop on my head.

I was pretty worried you know. Then Shane told me that the bird only pooped after it jumped off my head. The one on Shane's head also pooped after it jumped off his head. #sotheyaretoilettrained


I assume all birds like shiny things. My old cockatiel did too. 

I like this crowned pigeon with blue lacy hair.

I didn't cover a lot today because I know I have a whole year to visit the bird park. But here are some pictures from my last visit in March.

No, I have no idea what they were staring at.

Basically I think the Bird Park is worth going. I mean, you get to see birds other than mynahs, sparrows and crows (you get to see those at the bird park as well, though they don't officially belong there...)

There are these long-legged birds...

Long-legged birds with awesome hair...

Fantastic animal shows which were really fun to watch...

(Other) beautiful people also visiting the park...

You will also get to see Kaka at the Bird Park! (For the clueless, this cute little angel is Maia Lee's daughter! Love this princess so much!)

And cute owls...

Here's ending off with a snap (silver_ang). #whyyouhaventfollow 

P.S I know I said I'll put up the Klapsons Bangkok post today, but they shifted their official launch back, so I'll wait a week to post it! ;)

Jurong Bird Park
Opening Hours: 08:30 - 18:00 (Last ticket sale at 17:30)
Address: 2 Jurong Hill, Singapore 628925
Tel: (+65) 62650022

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