Monday, 1 December 2014

Last Month of the Year, and 2015 Resolutions

It's DECEMBER!!!!! I can't believe a year flew by like that! This year I haven't done much blogging. It's like I went into some kind of recluse or something. But this space is still my space, and although I'm not sure how this blog is going to turn out in 2015, I know I'm looking forward to 2015! 

For me, December has always been a month for reflection, to look back at what I have done, and to start thinking about the goals for the following year. I know most people do that in January, but I kind of like to kickstart my January by already knowing and starting to work on what I want to achieve. 

2014 has been a pretty smooth-sailing year, or it could have been just a mindset shift. I'm happier, more at peace with myself and the things and people around me. I learnt to let go of things, to appreciate more, and to listen to what my heart wants. That probably explains why I haven't been ranting as much (thus less rahhhhh posts, if you get what that means). I think in 2015 I kind of want to share my happiness here more, so I remember them. 

I also started keeping a gratitude book, so I start my day thinking about what I'm grateful for, and if you are reading this, I highly recommend you try it too. It puts you in a good mood, and sets the day right somehow. =)

I've been a bit confused about what I would like to do, and how. There seemed to be so many things I want to do, it's crazily overwhelming. I came across a quote the other day and I liked it so much I set it as my motto for 2015:

Procrastinate less. Do more. Just start doing. =)
So here's what I would like to achieve for 2015:
  •  Exercise (at least) 3 times a week. This sounds so so dreary, but my knee injury has recovered. I think? Cos it no longer hurts, so I hope I'm well enough to dance again. 
  • Read one book a month. I set this goal last year, and didn't achieve it, so I'm going to do it again. (I only read like a total of 3 books, which explains why I feel a bit stupid this year lol. To defend myself, I have been reading a lot of articles online.) It could be a novel, or a self-help kind of book. I find that reading makes one a deeper person. 

  • Blog moreI have in place a blog planner now, so yes, deweeding for thatsilvergirl has started, and blog posts are underway! If my blog could feel, it would be so so happy after I've neglected it for so long. Sorry love, the physical world held me in captivity for a year. 
  • Learn 1 new song (new to me, at least) every week. I'm thinking of being more active in singing, so this is one step I'm going to take. 
  • Learn to play the guitar/ukulele. This is for my supporters. Many years ago, they gave me an acoustic guitar for my 21st birthday. I regret to admit that I have not been touching it. I have however, restrung the guitar, and bought a tuner, so yes, I am going to finally pick it up. 

These are 5 things I want to achieve for 2015. I'm just going to stick with these, because in the past few years I listed a LOT of things, and in the end I didn't really stick to them. 5 is plenty for me, and well, if all goes well I may add more along the way. 

For now, December 2014 is going to be a lot of clearing clutter, for both work and home, so I can welcome 2015 with open arms and a very fresh mind. Talk later! <3

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  1. Such lovely resolution! <3
    I wish you all the best xx