Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Eyelash Perming at Allure Beauty

Hello! Long time no see! I've been pretty busy with filming on Koji Cooks, and we just finished one week of overnight shoots. I remember look at everyone halfway through the night and most people are just stoning/yawning/slow. I felt like for once, they can understand how I feel each time there is a 6am call-time shoot. I feel tired just thinking about it. More overnights please! 

Some of you have asked me about my eyelash perming done sometime ago before I started work on Koji Cooks. So here it is, details about the eyelash perm I did at Allure. 

Pardon the imperfect eyeliner. 

My lashes are naturally very straight, as you can see, and I have come to the point where I would like to not curl my lashes anymore. I noticed in my experiences with different makeup artistes, the ones who work on many Malays, Indians and Caucasians usually do not own eyelash curlers, simply because most people from these races have eyelashes which curl up beautifully. So I always remember to bring my own, just in case I meet a makeup artiste who doesn't own one. 

So when I found out that eyelashes can be permed, of course I wanted to give it a try! That also means less hassle for me every day because I don't have to spend time curling my lashes, and I wake up with flirty-looking eyes. ^.^

This is me just after make-up removal. I had curled my lashes and coated it with mascara earlier so the curl tends to stay for a while after I remove my makeup. 

Normally this is what my lashes look like from the front without curling. (Pardon the grainy picture! This is my S5 with low light. I'm not sure if it's just me or does anyone else also feel that the S4 has a better front camera?)

After cleansing your face, they will prep your lashes with this sticky white strip. This is the strip that will perm your lashes. Now before you cringe and think that this is going to hurt because it is going to be hot, relax. This perming does not use heat at all. 

Next, the therapist is going to push your lashes upwards to the sticky strip. This is a very essential step, that if not properly, can lead to lashes that curl in all directions. We want it to curl up, and we want it to curl up naturally.

After the therapist has kind of stuck the lashes to the white strip, she will then use a pink adhesive (which is of course safe to use on the eye area) to hold the lashes in place. This will also set the lashes. 

Now all you have to do is lie there and rest for the next 30-45 minutes. 

30 minutes later...

My therapist uncovered my lashes...

One more before she took off the strip. Time to see how well my lashes have curled!

I absolutely loved the result! My lashes curled so naturally, like how I would do it with a lash curler. I'm very very very particular with how I use my lash curler because some people would just giap the lashes and hold it there. That will create L-shaped lashes, instead of a natural curl like this. If you're using a lash curler, always giap and hold, then move out and repeat in small sections along your lash. This will give you a nice curve. 

Anyway, no more lash curlers for me! At least not for the next 2 months. Haha!

Hello nice curved lashes.

The girls at Allure told me that the effect looks amazing when I have on mascara, so I put their words to the test.

With makeup the next day, without having to curl my lashes prior to applying mascara. 
I love it!!! 

For those who are curious, the girls mentioned that the perm can last anything from 1-3 months. Mine lasted about 2 months. ^.^

Allure Beauty Singapore
*Bukit Batok West Mall #04-10 / City Square Mall #03-29/30
6270 8845 / 6898 2242 / 6509 8859

*Due to restructuring and revamping works at Tiong Bahru Plaza, the team from TB will be temporarily relocated to City Square from 24 November 2014 until further notice. Packages previously purchased at TB will also be transferred to the City Square outlet. 

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