Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Many people have asked if I would ever go back to singing. Or years back, they would ask why I didn't go to Taiwan. It's not that easy you know. So I buy a ticket to Taiwan, and I reach Taoyuan International Airport. And THEN??? I won't immediately become a singer. And apart from hard work, it takes opportunity as well. 

So I made the decision to fly to Taiwan earlier this year thanks to the TV programme Lady First Singapore which debut on our local cable channel last June. This acquaintance, or opportunity, took long enough to reach me, but I guessed if it had reached me any earlier I might not have been ready in many aspects. I'm still not perfect; my acting skills have room for polishing; my singing is not exactly amazing because I've only just been self-teaching and finding my own way by bumping into walls; I think I can be a better host if I read more but I haven't been reading enough; and I'm still a fatty bom bom. (Stop telling me I'm not fat! I know! I just look damn chubby on TV and that's not exactly the look I am going for.)

To cut the story short, I found myself joining another singing competition 9 years after "Project Superstar". I know I have improved, and in a way, it was to prove to myself that I can now deliver on stage without stage fright. Yes I had stage fright when I was on Project Superstar. I didn't even remember how I got through each round because I was more freaked out than focussed on my singing then.

So green, and I don't just mean that tunic I was wearing.

Coincidentally, the singing competition I was going to join is also called "Superstar". =)
I was lucky in that the group which I auditioned with and who were in the PK zone with me were all awesome people, much like the PSS contestants back in 2005. ^.^

The stage I was to perform on once again.

To be honest, this stage actually freaked me out, and excited me, all at once. Because I was actually in Taiwan, and was going to sing to the Taiwanese audience on their local TV! Scared, uh huh, because I was told I couldn't hold my notes and was pitchy back in PSS days, so from then on I deemed myself a lousy singer, but excited because I knew I have improved so much...in the KTV room. Haha! With regards to whether I could deliver that on stage in front of such a big audience, well, it has never been tested since 2005, so...

The look that was done for me. Only the accessories (excl the hat) were mine. I wasn't quite sure about this look, but it showed no waist (it was bad enough to be big, but not showing I have a waist is like shooting myself in the foot). I've always had a thing against this kind of straight cut dresses - I don't think they work for me. But I gave it a go anyway, because maybe the whole look works on camera. I thought it had character, just wasn't very me. What do you think?

Seeing myself on TV wearing sleeveless really pushed me to want to lose weight again. I'm now 53kg. (Still. After so much talk about wanting to lose 5kg, and I'm still here. Oei Silver, buck up please. Tsk.) Taiwanese girls generally are between 40-47kg. Or rather, the ones you see onscreen who are about my height. Yup.

Anyway, shall shut up and work on that myself to better prepare myself for Taiwan. 我要瘦!因為我相信自己可以更好!For now, I'll let you guys have a listen at my performance on the show.

Here's the link for my first round. =)

I know right, they like to stop at those points. The result shows up in the following video. =)


  1. hey Silver,

    How did everything go in Taiwan? I think you look great in the red dress! although the cap is slightly odd.

    Anyway - great job ya :)

    (I write for a site at Cosmerience, focused on reviews of cosmetic treatments in Asia.)

  2. I happen to catch your show today in StarHub. Very Good. You look very confident on stage. And as beautiful as ever. All the best in Taiwan!

  3. Your banter with the audience was very funny and warm.