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2nd Visit to Tokyo Bust!

Girls, admit it, we all want firmer, perkier, fuller and rounder boobs. At least I know I do. I'm sure you've seen those thin girls at the beach in their bikinis with super round perky breasts and thought to yourself "Those must be fake."

Because I thought the same! Lol Sway yarn leh us (cantonese for jinx). Honestly! Because bikinis don't have much support, even if you are wearing a Victoria's Secret bikini with padding it won't push your boobs up to make them look SO full (because I own a few of those, that's how I know). 

Conclusion: must be fake. 

I was given a surprise when I visited Tokyo Bust again to try out their other treatments. The previous time I tried one to lift up my boobs cos apparently they were sagging (FML at my age???) and it worked wonders la! This time round the specialist assessed my assets again and told me I needed to firm up some more and make it fuller. So we were on the topic of full perky breasts and she told me our breasts were made up of mammary glands, collagen and fats. 

So the size of your breasts depends on how much fat you have there since it's mostly fats right?

Uh uh.

Well, yes to a certain extent, but the perkiness...that is affected by the size of your mammary glands. 

That's the specialist doing the explanation.

So I was told that we have about 15-20 mammary glands on each side of our breasts. What differentiates our boob sizes are the size of each mammary gland. Some could be as small as a peanut.... while the big ones could be as big as a grape. Or a marble. Imagine 20 grapes in each boob. If you have that I am sure you will not complain of being flat-chested. So what causes mammary glands to be big or small? If you have been fed proper nutrients during puberty chances of you being well-rounded in that aspect is high. I'm sure you've heard of Hong Kong women and papaya milk! And then there are the Japanese and their soy... #mummywhyyouneverteachmeallthese


Also, growing up, how you have been wearing your bra makes a difference. Because fats is also a big component of boobs, if you knew since you were little to grab all your side fats and tuck them into your bra, chances are, you'd have perkier assets than those of us who did not know that. Ever heard of this term called 副乳?Also known as the accessory breast, supernumerary breast, mamma accesoria, or "mini boobs", it's the fats that roll up under your armpits when you wear a tight tube top – those are part of your breasts too, believe it or not.

And if you have been fat and lost weight, chances are the fats on your chest would have been lost as well. Compare that with a thin girl whose boobs developed normally during puberty and who has never tried to lose a lot of weight. Yours would most likely be less perky because it has lost some of its content.

BUT it's okay. All is not lost because *eyes wide open* there is hope!!! And I don't mean implants or fat grafts from other parts of your body ok. Of course you can opt for that, but there is a non-invasive way to firm and plump up your breasts! Ai mai?

Anyway, so I was listening intently on all the things she was telling me about the breast structure that I never knew (I studied Anatomy and Physiology as a module for a year back in school), and I wondered why wasn't this covered in more detail during my classes. I blame my Anatomy teacher for my now-not-perky (I refuse to use the word “droopy”) boobs. And I am grateful that I have the chance to learn about this now before gravity takes over in 20 years and they sag beyond recognition.

Anyway, since I don't have the ideal boobs, when Tokyo Bust Express invited me for a second review I jumped at the chance. They are the leading natural bust enhancement specialist with the most outlets islandwide. An award winning specialist with 7 years of experience, and loads of good reviews from their customers, I know my boobs will be in good hands, again. (They should open classes for men to go learn about their massages. Lol!)

This time round, the outlet I visited was at Park Mall. It's upstairs with some offices and other beauty spas, not in the main shopping area, so if you're shy and don't like people seeing you walk into a bust centre, this is a good outlet to consider. =D

Apart from learning about mammary glands and the structure of breasts, I was told that the treatments use 100% natural ingredients such as soy-infused treatments combined with advanced technology and traditional Japanese massage techniques. Basically soy contains phyto-nutrients which stimulate female hormones and aid in optimal bust development. Now you understand why many Japanese women are well-endowed? Dayum~~~

Also, their bust treatments, apart from letting you be more physically attractive i.e. Sexy, they can also help to improve your health by boosting circulation and helping with lymphatic drainage. I feel that a healthy pair of bust are as important as a sexy round pair. OO

After stripping and letting the specialist examine and handle my bust, I was prescribed a number of treatments which will go hand-in-hand to give optimal results. For me that means a perkier pair of bust which can be closer friends with each other.

To give you a better picture let me take you through my treatments. (Neh neh, I'm not going to show you my boobies, but I will try as best as I can to be visual with my descriptives ok? Lol!)

Getting ready.

I was given a heavenly shoulder massage before my treatments began, and boy, did that help relax me and put me in that “come do whatever you want to me” mood. And then my robe was peeled open and we began my bosom pampering...

Firming Scrub: A scrub was used on my boobs to exfoliate dead skin cells for better penetration of the products later on.

TT Push Up Therapy with Application of Toning Essence: This is a type of bust massage which helps in toning and lifting. This was so comfortable I almost dozed off, after getting used to the fact that someone was manhandling my boobs.

Okina C Therapy: This was also a massage, but with the aid of a machine which uses microcurrents to stimulate blood circulation and increase the absorption and penetration rate of the products used. Even though it uses micro-currents, I didn't really feel anything except a roller-like thing going round and round my bosom.

Taka Meru Mask: This is interesting. You know about facial masks right? But have you ever applied a mask on your bust? I was wrapped in a cloth which acts like a push up bra, except that my bust were exposed. Then a kind of lotion was applied on them, and I was left to sleep in the room, before the specialist came in again about 20-30 minutes and applied a whitish mask across my bosom.

Of course a cellophane wrap was placed over so that I could cover myself up in the blanket and sleep. When I woke, I noticed that my breasts were hard. Not like aroused hard, but HARD hard. So I took a peek and was amused to find that the mask had hardened and taken the shape of my pushed up boobs.

How cool is that??? Lol yes I was clearly amazed. 

After this was removed, I was pretty happy to find that my breasts felt firmer and my skin at the bosom area much more hydrated. Apparently this uniquely-formulated mask helps in reshaping our assets to make them rounder and perkier with a fuller contour. It also gives our bust a moisture surge so they are soft and supple. Thumbs up!

Overall result? Slightly perkier and firmer breasts. After just one session?! And I did not have to endure anything painful or extreme, just comfy massages and a breast mask! How they always manage to do it is beyond my understanding. I just know they work. Imagine if I come often! ;) 

I was given these 2 precious gems to bring home. The Intensive Bust Enhancement Firming Cream Serum helps to tighten the skin around your bust, preserve suppleness and provide hydration, whilst the Bust Essence helps to firm, lift, and volumize. The good thing is, you can pump both of these onto your palm and massage into your breasts at the same time! Great for lazybusy women! Use them in between your treatment sessions so your breasts still get TLC at home!

If you are looking to enhance your curves the natural way, I highly recommend you pay Tokyo Bust a visit! Because they are not just about making your curves more sexy, they actually care about your bust health the way we should ourselves. =D

Of course, for many of you young wild things, a healthy body also means a sexy one. Enjoy the treatments that I did and also get your dream bustline. That being said, you might want to win this:

FREE 3x Bust-me-up Volume Treatment
3 x Perk-me-up Firming Treatment

Worth $1008 in total!

Also, stand a chance to win a 2D1N Staycation at the Scarlet Hotel, worth $220!

Want it? 
To participate, just answer a simple question, fill in your particulars below, and let them know your bust concerns! That's it! Not too hard, right?

Terms and Conditions:
    • Only for females 21 years old and above, without Eczema or other skin conditions
    • Strictly by appointment only.
    • Promotion valid for 2 months

Tokyo Bust Express is located at:

  • City Square Mall: 180 Kitchener Road #B2-39 Singapore 208539
  • Park Mall: 9 Penang Road #11-06 Spore 238459
  • Nex Mall: 23 Serangoon Central, #03-32 556083
  • Novena Square 2: 10 Sinaran Drive #B1-111 307506
For more info, visit Tokyo Bust Express or call 6262 6161 to make an enquiry or book an appointment!

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