Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Allure Beauty's First Brand Ambasssador - Silver Ang

So shy. 

Oh my god how do I do this?


Ok, here goes...

Allure Beauty Singapore has turned 12 this year! AND she now has an ambassador! 
And it's...me!

(pardon me, I'm still learning to do full-body poses lololol!!!)

Allure Beauty has always been on the forefront of eyebrow embroidery, and may I say, they are one of the best. I did a review on their eyebrow embroidery back in 2010, and I've never had a problem with my eyebrows since. 

You see, although I've always been blessed with eyebrows (Don't laugh! Some girls have very very sparse eyebrows, the almost hairless kind.) I sometimes have a problem with over plucking/trimming, which can result in a totally different look (aka not flattering). The eyebrows make or break your face, this is so so true. 

Fast forward 4 years, and I am so very honoured to be their very first Ambassador! It's also my first endorsement, so I'm really excited to work with them! 

Angela Tnee, the founder and Managing Director of Allure Beauty, as well as the person who created the Allure Signature Eyebrow Embroidery. 

With 20 years of experience since she picked up eyebrow embroidery in Hong Kong, she's the very first person to introduce creative eyebrow embroidery using the stroke-by-stroke technique in Singapore. You can practically call her the forefather (foremother, if there's such a term) of eyebrow embroidery in Singapore.

All eyebrow artists in Allure are trained and tested personally by Miss Angela Tnee before she allows them to work on Allure's clients, so you can rest assured that you will be in good hands even if your brows are not done personally by the Ah Zor! ^.^

Will be showing you my new eyebrow embroidery session (which she did for me personally!) in my next post! =D

If you're confused, ATACHE is a brand of products they use for their treatments. =)

While Allure is most well-known for their creative eyebrow embroidery (will tell u guys more about the differences in my next write-up), they also provide services such as facials, as well as eyelash perming, eyelash extensions (check out miss Angela Tnee's lashes! So natural!!!), eyeliner embroidery (so you never have to fumble with eyeliners that smudge, ever again!), body treatments, as well as body slimming. You can find out more about their full range of services here.

I have no more excuses to look chui, ever again. Or at least while our partnership is in place! Lol! 

My very first treatment with Allure after 4 years, will of course be a redo of my eyebrows! The eyebrows seen in this picture has not been touched up, meaning this was from 4 years ago! You can still see it faintly, and though it has faded a little, it's still a nice brown instead of greenish which is what eyebrow tattoos leave behind after many years. I'm actually excited to show you the before and after already as I'm typing! 

Till next post!

Thank you Allure, I look forward to a wonderful year with you! 

Allure Beauty Singapore
Tiong Bahru Plaza #05-04A / Bukit Batok West Mall #04-10 / City Square Mall #03-29/30
6270 8845 / 6898 2242 / 6509 8859


  1. love you dress, where did you get it?

    1. Hi Wendy! I got the tunic top n shorts from Taipei!