Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Valentines Day, Gossip Girl Style, with a VS-themed Fashion Show

Got anything planned for Valentine's Day yet? If not, thank goodness you're here! I have an event at the Singapore Turf Club Marquee, and open entry is only for those who have tickets for that night. *The Marquee is usually only open to VIP members of the Singapore Turf Club only.

So what's this about?

Ok, imagine this - you and your beau dressed up to the nines, with beautiful lighting (so your makeup just looks amazing from every angle). You walk into the exquisitely dressed-up marquee (air-conditioned of course), and your girl will be immediately presented with a rose just as beautiful, and everyone in the room will have on a Venetian mask.

Not far into the distance, horses gallop under the clear night sky, and you hear a faint cheering on of people's favourite horses. If you choose, you may bet on a horse you feel an affinity with. 

Everyone looks gorgeous, but somehow, the person who's with you tonight is who makes your heart skip a beat. As you gaze into your lovers' eyes, a waitress offers you both Champagne, or for those who prefer non-alcohols, juices. In a corner of the room, the aroma of the scrumptious buffet spread wafts over. All your senses are tickled. (Trust me, it'll feel even more special if you drink that little bit more. *wink*)

As you chat with your special one about trivial sweet-nothings and possibly romantic plans for your life together ahead, a live band plays your favourite love songs. The night is perfect. 

And then, the show begins. By now, hopefully you're feeling a little high, and maybe a little crazy. The Essential Secrets Fashion Show begins. Think lingerie and bikini clad models (French, American, South Africans, exotic models) in feathers, lace, and wings. Yes, like THE Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows, in a cosier setting. 

Ladies will have men with sexy glistening six-packed bodies strutting down the runway for your eyes to feast on as well. Though, being a girl, I know we love looking at pretty girls as much as men does. Eye candies are guaranteed to get you hot and bothered, no matter what. (Washrooms are at either side of the room, in case you need them. Eh hem.)

Thinking of getting a gift for your girl which she will never forget? We have that planned as well. Live auctions will be held for your man to bid you a bottle of good wine for what lies ahead. Hey, that's something not every girl has gotten. I would love to see my man in a fiery bid with other men to get me something special. ;)

Guest celerities like Louis Wu and 2 mystery guests will be there to grace the event, and there's also sexy and fun DJ Nicole Chen who will be there to spin music for the party later on, should you and your beau wish to dance. 

I will be your special host for the evening. ^.^

How's that for descriptive writing? Lol. Do I have a picture in your head about what to expect for this event now? You're going to spend on the Valentine's dinner anyway, so make it worthwhile. At S$88 per ticket, I think this will be a lot more than what you will get at a fancy restaurant dinner with the same price. And because this is a per ticket price (instead of the usual per-couple pricing), you can gather your girlfriends or guy friends and join in the masque party! (Imagine if you can get your whole class to come!) If you have your own beautiful tiaras and masks, bring them on! It's going to be a sexy night!

Think dress-up, mystery, topless hunks, bikini babes, romance, and Gossip Girl.

Just one thing to note - because everyone is beautiful and in masks, do kiss the right person that night. ;)

Call 62898852 to book your tickets now! Quote "Silver" to get an extra gift when you collect your tickets!

By the way, happy endings are not provided, of course. We'll let you end the night your own special way. 

Images are for reference only, of course. We're not letting the cat out of the bag for we want it to be a surprise. But you get the idea. ;)

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