Saturday, 8 February 2014

My Chinese New Year!

Since it's still CNY, here's me bai-nianing to you!
Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!!! 

CNYs have always been a time for family reunions. Truth be told, for many years, I didn't truly understand this. Because I live with my family, and at least once a month or every 2 months we would have dinners with the extended family, grandparents, aunts, uncles and all. 

This year though, I have moved to Taiwan (I'm still trying to let that sink in), and even though I won't go away for long periods of time, living on my own does make family reunions that much more special. 

A precious photo with both grandparents. There's also my mum, sis, aunt, n her kids. 

To be honest, the only thing I looked forward to every year during CNY visiting (apart from the obvious annual bonus that comes in red envelopes), are my 2 closest cousins. You see, I come from a really huge family. My grandmother has 3 siblings, and each one has like at least 5 children. Then when each one gets married and starts their family of at least 2 children you get 4x5x4 = at least 80 people. I haven't even counted my grandpa's side. O.O

My mum's the eldest, and I'm the eldest. And somehow I'm like one of the first ones in my generation, cos I have mum's cousins close to my age (so they are technically my uncles and aunts but our ages are close), and most of my cousins are as young as the kids you see above. So when it comes to age gap and relevant topics, I could hardly connect with the really young ones (imagine me 20 years old and the rest in pre/primary school). 

The ones closest to me were Kaiwen, whom I went to high school with, and Phyllis, whom you should have seen in a number of my Instagram pictures. Come 初一, these 2 would be my highlights.  =)

Kaiwen whom I went to Nanyang Girls' with, and who was my classmate for Sec 1 & 2. 
What are the chances, right? 

And then of course, there are my friends. Here's Ruth (with her hubs), currently my manager, and also the one who introduced me to my Aesthetics doctor. How can I ever thank her enough? =D

And Evangeline, my current nail sponsor, whom I can trust with my life. ^.^


Will supplement in a later post. Lol. Cos we didn't take any couple pictures together that day. I forgot to with a number of other people as well. 

CNY celebrations somehow always include a Lou Hei, even though initially I believe Louhei was meant for 人日, which is the birthday of mankind, which falls on the 7th day of the Lunar New Year. 
(I did a couple of posts introducing louhei and how to go about it some years back, so you can read about that here and here.) 

These days Lou Hei happen any day during the 15-day CNY period. Hey, I wouldn't mind doing more of it if it meant tossing more good luck!

The most re nao lou hei I've had in my family. Tossing good luck with all the people who are dear to me, this one was pretty meaningful. I know every one of them (and you) has wishes and aspirations they wish to achieve this year, so I wish everyone an amazing horse year ahead. May your dreams and success gallop beautifully like horses do!

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