Thursday, 13 February 2014

Love Is...

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day! We all know it's a day for lovers, and a day dedicated all to love. Past the infatuation and the lust, how do you know if you really love this person? They say you'll just know. You'll feel it, and it'll show.

Love is....

1. Can't live without, or knowing you can live without, yet you don't want to.

You know how they always say love is when you can't live without the person? That's dependency. Love is allowing yourself to be dependent on each other, allowing yourself to let go because you trust he has your back. We are all independent beings and can be happy by ourselves, but love is also choosing to live with the person, despite his flaws, strange habits, and all.

2. Wanting to tell the other person every little up and down in your life.

You know that feeling you get when something good or bad happens in your life, no matter how big or small, and the first person that comes to mind is him? You want to share your life with him. 

3. Actually wanting to iron his clothes.

There's nothing more obvious than wanting to do trivial things for him that you usually wouldn't even enjoy doing for yourself.

4. Looking at him and thinking how lucky you are to have him and to have him love you back.

Out of the millions of people in this world, you chose each other. That's something to be grateful about. Quit nitpicking on that one or two things you can't stand about him and appreciate all the good he has to offer. He could love anyone, but he chose to love you. =)

5. Wanting to give him all you have while still being you. 

Never lose sight of who you are. He fell in love with who you were, with your personality. Of course you can improve yourself, but don't become his mother/maid/shadow/live your life for him. Live your life for you, and know that he wants to be a part of it. 

6. Never letting go when she's crying.

Whatever the reason is for her crying. Even Especially when the reason is you.
Love is not about being there for each other when times are good. True love is when you want to be there for each other when times are trying.

7. Smiling deep inside when you know you are the reason he's happy. 

It's a really wonderful feeling, to be able to feel the one next to you happy, and you are the cause of it. Deeply satisfying, and somehow it just makes you want to love him even more. 

8. Going out of your way to be with this person.

When the whole world disapproves. When he stays in Tampines and you in Tuas. When you have to wake up early to drive to her place to send her to work. When it's just inconvenient, but you do it happily, even on grouchy mornings. Cos that grouchy morning will turn good once you see her. ^.^

9. Making sacrifices, and feeling every bit worth it.

So you realise your working hours are too long and you have no time for each other. So you switch to one that allows you more free time. And yes she doesn't like you hanging out with those female friends whom obviously she finds to be threats. So you hang out with them less. And something more drastic, you migrate to a different place because your love has wanted to all her life? You know you love someone when you make all these sacrifices, big or small, and at the end of the day you smile to yourself because you're glad you did it.

10. Accepting someone fully for who he is. 

Because Love is...


  1. Wow nice quote on love...!!!

    Thanks for sharing..!!

    I maddy barber really impress by such good lines..!!!

  2. I tried on a girl i had a crush on be4 confess then fail.. Thks