Tuesday, 11 February 2014

CNY Part 2: Long-time Friends

Chinese New Year happens over a period of 15 days, and for most of us it makes an excellent excuse to meet up with friends you have not seen for a long time.
These are my primary school mates, with my P6 form teacher beside me in blue. She doesn't age omg! 

I like the fact that we still bother to keep in contact after so many years, tho I always feel a little too kiddish when I meet the bunch cos most of my classmates are already Mummies n Daddies! O.O

This next bunch though, haha, I feel right at home with!

The Project Superstars!!!!!! AKA super 長不大s lol!

People, especially the producers of the show, used to tell us that it's hard to come by that we were so close even when we were competing. I didn't understand what they meant until recent years when I found out that in competitions, this really rarely happens. And to stay friends 9 years on? Woohoo! 

Next year is our 10th anniversary! PSS 10th Anniversary concert? *hint to Mediacorp and all event organizers* =D

So what do we do when we get together, apart from Louhei and eat?

 Big small! So old school omg!

Yuharhei. I've never played these in my life!!! Damn fun la! Especially when everyone including Weilian could get involved. Lai ah lai ah pang xie ah!!! KAI AH!!!! LOL!!!!

Love these yearly get-togethers. We just got our new place so probably the next gathering will be at my new place for housewarming after reno! (Sponsors welcome okay?) Must organize more of such get-togethers. 感情才不會散~

Next up is Vday! Got your special night planned already? If not I have somewhere to intro you in my next post so I'll talk to you soon yeah? ;)


  1. I want friends like those T_T

  2. Was googling on the types of motorcycles used in BBDC class 2B when your blog turned up on the top few searches. Subsequently, curiosity got the better of me and I saw your post talking about your project in Taiwan which happens to be my part of childhood but I shan't touch into that. And I was wondering why were you on a Taiwanese talkshow, were you living there? etc etc. Then I scrolled down and saw this post on gathering with PS mates AND I realised Alien's also a friend of yours! Whoa, what a small world this is. I'm just a friend of Junyang. ;) Have a nice day and smile! - ChubbyFats