Thursday, 18 December 2014

Nordic Pet Hotel (北歐寵物旅館) Review

Hello!!! As some of you know, I have another doggy now, and this adorable little Dachshund furkid lives in Taiwan. It's also something that keeps me disciplined in returning to Taiwan when I don't have engagements here. Otherwise, most of my loved ones are here, so it's easy for me to just not go back. 


Then when I have assignments in Singapore, I'll need someone I can trust with this little furbaby. With luck and a little help, I managed to find Nordic Pet Hotel.

The entrance.

I loved what greeted me when I went up. The environment was really cosy.

This is the reception area. 

The owner of Nordic Pet Hotel, Cher, studied in Europe and loved how people treated their pets like equals. I remember when I was in a shop in Zurich and people just bring their dogs into Zara! I was like O.O. 

So she decided to make human-pet equality the culture in her pet hotel. 

The friendly nanny, Xiang Xiang! Before checking into Nordic Pet Hotel, they will require you to bring your pet in for a pet-sitting session. This is to let them determine if it is suitable for your pet to stay there. For example, if they find out that your pet has problems with other pets, like if it'll bite other dogs or behave unacceptably, they will let you know that they are unable to accommodate your pet so you can make other arrangements if you are travelling. 

Also, prior to any pet-sitting or pet boarding session, they will check that your pet has been microchipped and that all necessary jabs (eg. anti-rabies vaccine) and precautionary measures (anti flea-&-tick applications, deworming) have been taken. Because this is a pet communal area, we want our pets to be safe and not get stuff like ticks and diseases from other dogs. For pet boarding services, they walk the dogs in the nearby Da'an Forest Park. We want to make sure that our furbabies do not get ticks and fleas from those walks. =D

Oh by the way, all registered pets in Taiwan come with a Pet Passport. This is something like your health booklet when you were in primary school, which documents all your jabs. Each time you bring your furkid to a vet, they will require you to bring this along, or issue you one if you don't have it. (Why hasn't Singapore started this yet???) 

So of course, Nordic Pet Hotel will require you to bring that, and all other necessary pet-related documents you may have along, like proof of ownership and stuff.
The Anti-Rabies Vaccine Certificate.

Because everyone chooses to feed their furkids different stuff, you are also required to bring your pet's food when you check your furkid in. 

When I brought Naiyou to check-in the morning before my flight back to Singapore (it was about 9ish am?) the pet hotel was bustling with activity. I noticed there were a lot of people checking their furkids in for both pet-sitting and pet boarding services, and the pet-sitters were really busy helping the owners do administrative work and settling the little ones in. 

Thank goodness they provide free wifi. I suppose it's for times like when they get too busy and patrons have to wait. Good thinking. =)

They'll even serve you Nespresso coffee while you're waiting or checking in! =D Thumbs up!

The cat area. It's smaller because most cat owners don't really check their cats in unless they are going away on a holiday? Even so, they might just leave their cats home with an automatic feeder. 

These are 2 of the owner's dogs. Yes, your dogs get to come out and chill in the human area if they wish. =D

This is the CEO of Nordic Pet Hotel, Baileys.

And ol' granny Milo.

Okay faster register me Mummy!!!

And Naiyou's off making friends with Granny Milo. 

At the point of registering, Naiyou has not been neutered yet, so they diapered him. This applies to all male un-neutered dogs. You don't want to send your baby girl there and she comes home pregnant, do you??? *horrors* They also diaper dogs which have a tendency to dry-hump even when they have been neutered. Cos it just looks obscene. And it's rude. Mmm hmm.

Case in point:
Innocent granny dog.

Stupid humsup teenager.

奶油 (with a stupid grin):可以啦~奶奶都不介意~~~

Yup, it's to prevent such scenes from happening. 

I love how NPH does not cage the animals. Cages are provided for the doggies in case some of them prefer to stay inside to feel safe, but the doors are left open for the dogs to come out or enter whenever they feel like it. 

Notice that some dogs are on "level 2". These are the dogs that have anxiety or that do not like to socialize or be disturbed that much. Upon registering your pet, they will ask questions about your pet i.e its preferences and personality (Prefers to be inside a cage? Doesn't know how to socialize very well?) and make arrangements accordingly if they can.

Spot the happy boy. 

Notice how Naiyou loves to "kway sio"?

This is level 2, "Senior Corner". Most older dogs do not like having yappy young doggies going crazy around them, so this is the corner dedicated to the oldies.

This is the large dogs' room. Yup, small, medium and large dogs are separated. 

The grooming area. They provide spa services, so you can ask them to bathe your dog prior to you fetching so your baby goes home nice and clean.

One more thing I like about Nordic Pet Hotel is that they have webcams. You can log into Skywatch to look at your pet. Each room has a different account, and you can see your pets at any time of the day. This makes me feel more at ease leaving Naiyou with them when I'm in Singapore because I can see how he is whenever I want to. If he's not here, chances are he's out in the human area or taking his daily stroll at the park, and all I need to do is give them a call and they'll let me know how he is.

Taken at 2am on a night I was in Singapore. Can you see him in "kway-sioing" in that small bed with another doggy? >.<

Pet-sitters are around 24/7, yes, even at night. So you don't have to worry about the "What happens if"s at night. =)

What are the charges like? 
安親 basically means pet-sitting.

And these are the boarding charges.

Rates are only valid at the time. I'm sure prices are subject to change, especially if you're stumbling on this post years from when I wrote it. For what they are offering, I think it's a pretty good deal. Compare it to Singapore's average charges where pet boarding is about $50 a night (S$1 is about NT23), this is really affordable.

During your first stay there, if you purchased a VIP package, they will prepare your doggy's VIP booklet which looks like this. 
It'll have your doggy's information, and they'll mark down the individual dates that your dog is going to be staying there for.

This is the picture they took for Naiyou:
So cute la his "profile ID picture"!!!!

So when I went to pick him up when I returned to Taipei, they showed me his daily records.

I was pretty impressed, and I especially loved the little diary notes that they took. ^.^

And here are all their other satisfied customers! 

We can't bear for you to leave. Do come back!

Happy Sausage Dog.

I didn't manage to get a photo with Cher, the lady boss. But I did manage to catch her hubby! (Sorry for the blurry picture though!) You can find Cher's picture on their website here! =)

Nordic Pet Hotel is located at:
No. 20-1, He Ping East Road Section 2, Da'an, Taipei
Tel: 02-8369 5662 

Operating Hours:
Pet-sitters are around 24/7.
Check-in and check-out times: Between 8:00~22:00
They are also open for viewing between 12:00 - 22:00 daily.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Eyelash Perming at Allure Beauty

Hello! Long time no see! I've been pretty busy with filming on Koji Cooks, and we just finished one week of overnight shoots. I remember look at everyone halfway through the night and most people are just stoning/yawning/slow. I felt like for once, they can understand how I feel each time there is a 6am call-time shoot. I feel tired just thinking about it. More overnights please! 

Some of you have asked me about my eyelash perming done sometime ago before I started work on Koji Cooks. So here it is, details about the eyelash perm I did at Allure. 

Pardon the imperfect eyeliner. 

My lashes are naturally very straight, as you can see, and I have come to the point where I would like to not curl my lashes anymore. I noticed in my experiences with different makeup artistes, the ones who work on many Malays, Indians and Caucasians usually do not own eyelash curlers, simply because most people from these races have eyelashes which curl up beautifully. So I always remember to bring my own, just in case I meet a makeup artiste who doesn't own one. 

So when I found out that eyelashes can be permed, of course I wanted to give it a try! That also means less hassle for me every day because I don't have to spend time curling my lashes, and I wake up with flirty-looking eyes. ^.^

This is me just after make-up removal. I had curled my lashes and coated it with mascara earlier so the curl tends to stay for a while after I remove my makeup. 

Normally this is what my lashes look like from the front without curling. (Pardon the grainy picture! This is my S5 with low light. I'm not sure if it's just me or does anyone else also feel that the S4 has a better front camera?)

After cleansing your face, they will prep your lashes with this sticky white strip. This is the strip that will perm your lashes. Now before you cringe and think that this is going to hurt because it is going to be hot, relax. This perming does not use heat at all. 

Next, the therapist is going to push your lashes upwards to the sticky strip. This is a very essential step, that if not properly, can lead to lashes that curl in all directions. We want it to curl up, and we want it to curl up naturally.

After the therapist has kind of stuck the lashes to the white strip, she will then use a pink adhesive (which is of course safe to use on the eye area) to hold the lashes in place. This will also set the lashes. 

Now all you have to do is lie there and rest for the next 30-45 minutes. 

30 minutes later...

My therapist uncovered my lashes...

One more before she took off the strip. Time to see how well my lashes have curled!

I absolutely loved the result! My lashes curled so naturally, like how I would do it with a lash curler. I'm very very very particular with how I use my lash curler because some people would just giap the lashes and hold it there. That will create L-shaped lashes, instead of a natural curl like this. If you're using a lash curler, always giap and hold, then move out and repeat in small sections along your lash. This will give you a nice curve. 

Anyway, no more lash curlers for me! At least not for the next 2 months. Haha!

Hello nice curved lashes.

The girls at Allure told me that the effect looks amazing when I have on mascara, so I put their words to the test.

With makeup the next day, without having to curl my lashes prior to applying mascara. 
I love it!!! 

For those who are curious, the girls mentioned that the perm can last anything from 1-3 months. Mine lasted about 2 months. ^.^

Allure Beauty Singapore
*Bukit Batok West Mall #04-10 / City Square Mall #03-29/30
6270 8845 / 6898 2242 / 6509 8859

*Due to restructuring and revamping works at Tiong Bahru Plaza, the team from TB will be temporarily relocated to City Square from 24 November 2014 until further notice. Packages previously purchased at TB will also be transferred to the City Square outlet.