Friday, 20 December 2013

Riding Essentials - Bluetooth Headsets, and Gloves

I've always loved riding my motorbike. And I can say that even with our crazy weather these few weeks. They say it's more dangerous when it's raining cos the roads are slippery, but I personally find that it's the same, and sometimes even safer because everyone else is driving slower. And I really think riding in the rain is so much more comfortable than riding under the hot sun (with proper rain gear of course!)

The one thing I did not like about riding when I first started, was that it got boring. The first few months were exciting because I was learning how to lane split (because it's safer than taking up the whole lane and less stressful when no car is honking at you to get out of their ways) and finding my own ways of dealing with stress from heavy traffic. 

After this initial phase I got bored and often sang to myself inside my helmet. Lol. Eh it's really cool k cos you have your own surround sound system inside your helmet which lets you hear your voice clearly. Haha! 

Then I started using my earphones with my mp3 player or phone. Not very smart cos I have to deal with wires which may get caught in some freak accident. Choi I know. But still. I never felt safe riding with the wires dancing in the wind. 

And then it gets annoying when the phone rings cos I'd then have to find the mouthpiece and press on it while riding so I could answer the call. You know, if I'm heading to a meeting and someone needs to call me to inform me of a change in location or to go help them buy something on my way there. And I'd panic and stop somewhere to keep my phone when the rain hits suddenly. 


I know right. 

Around last year I discovered bluetooth headsets. For use WITH my helmet. Plus it's waterproof so I don't shock myself using it in the rain. It was a godsend I tell you. I never ride without it after the discovery. Lol.

This is the headset. 

You see the round knob? Turning it changes the volume of your music/conversation so that if you need to turn down the volume to ask for directions or talk to anyone without removing your helmet, you can. =) 

One press of the telephone sign allows you to pick up calls, and if there are no phone calls, a press will activate the music player from your connected device! (Music doesn't work for my S4, but works brilliantly with my S3 and iPhone.)

Press and hold this button (where my thumb is pressing) to turn it on. You should see a blue light which will blink periodically to let you know that it's turned on.

To connect to your device press and hold the same button for 8 seconds. Instead of a blue light you should now see an alternating flashing red and blue light. This means that the device is ready to be paired. Once paired the blue light will come back on. 

This connects the speakers and mic to the device. 

And being a bluetooth device, of course it needs to be charged. The device is easily removable for charging and keeping so I don't have to worry about taking out the whole thing. Just the bluetooth device will do. 

Apart from the bluetooth headset, my must wear includes riding gloves as well, and if you have been following me on Instagram, you might have seen this super chio picture of me:

Riding gloves are my other essential item when I'm on my bike. I have to thank it for keeping my palm intact when I fell once on my bike. Else who knows if I would still have a palm if I didn't have on my gloves.  Eeeks!

For my readers only!
I brought in a number of headsets and gloves specially for you guys for Christmas! (Instruction manuals on how to fix this on your helmet will be attached.) 

Riding Gloves in Red. 
Available in Medium and Large
The actual colour is slightly darker than this, so it's not so bright fiery red.

Adjustable velcro strap

Knuckle Protection

Ventilation for when you're riding, so your hands remain cool when you ride. 

Riding Gloves in Blue. 
Available in Medium and Large
This has got to be my favourite colour!!! My bike is red, and that's the only reason why I didn't keep one for myself. But I really really like this!!!

Same design on the right hand. 

Comes with padding to protect the area of your palm where you might be most likely to land, should there be an accident. #choi 

Riding Gloves in Black.
Only available in Large
The guys should like this colour, as it goes with all colour bikes. It'll match even when they decide to change their bike colour next time. =)

The black one has a slightly different padding. The designs on each colour may differ very slightly as the manufacturers have sent me stock from probably different batches. But rest assured they should look almost like what you see here. =)

Sizing Guide

The bluetooth headsets are priced at $109 each, and the gloves are going at $25 per pair while stocks last (including postage fee). Should you wish to get them, leave a comment below, or send an email to, and I will get back to you soonest with availability! 

P.S. Stock is limited and orders will be closed on 27th December 2013.
Meetup is available on Sunday at Woodlands MRT, should you require them urgently as gifts. =)

Ride safe, and Merry Christmas!!!


  1. That's a really sexy photo of you! O_O

  2. Hi Silver, are you still riding? I just signed up for 2B at BBDC. Thinking of what safety gear to buy now before starting! Perhaps you can blog on that!

    1. Hi Wild Child! Yes I am! Sorry I only just saw this! But I'll take note of that n do a blogpost for those who might require! How are lessons coming along?