Monday, 16 December 2013

Sponsored: Lose Your Tummy Bulge with Liposonix

It wouldn’t take a genius to realize that he has put on weight. Or she. Okay la I’m talking about myself. I attribute it to being happy, and having an amazing social life which involves loads of eating out, as well as being oh-so-lazy-to-exercise.

I was staring at myself naked in the mirror, and that good hard look at myself left me depressed. My tummy was bulging out like I was in my fourth month pregnancy. And I couldn’t even wear my once-loose shorts without feeling suffocated and muffin-topped.


This came as no surprise at all, considering me being well aware of the low rate of cardio
activity in the past 5 months.


Thanks to the kind folks at Solta Medical, Dermacare, as well as the one out there in the Universe - someone out there must have heard my prayers - I was offered a Liposonix treatment at Dermacare!

What is Liposonix?
Not a new kind of liposuction, if you are thinking that. However, it comes close. Liposonix is making use of ultrasound technology to remove lipids (fats) from your body, thus the name. No surgery, no canula poking through your skin, no downtime. Liposonix is also the only machine in the market that can help patients to lose 1 inch of fat with just 1 hour of treatment. Other technology requires multiple treatments. It is also possible for you to treat other parts of your body if the doctor deems that you are suitable. So you are the judge, pick the one that suits your needs.

How Does It Work?
It makes use of High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound energy to non-invasively destroy the targeted fatty areas of your body by penetrating through your skin layers without harming the skin nor surrounding tissues. And it just takes an hour for a single treatment.

Are you suitable?
If you are generally slim (or if people think you are but actually you just know how to hide your fat really well like I do) yet have that little bit of fat at the tummy which you can’t get rid of no matter what you do, you’re perfect for this. Generally speaking, you must be able to pinch an inch of fat in the treatment area, and your BMI must be equal or lower than 30.

How Long After Can I See Results?
Results are typically seen within 8-12 weeks post treatment, which is the time needed for the body to naturally remove the fat tissue which was destroyed.

So How's the Treatment Like?

Now we’re talking. We start off with a consultation in the doctor’s office.

After finding out my concerns and assessing if I am really suitable for the treatment, I got changed into something more comfortable. (And super stylo milo.)

Never been more fashionable. Lol.

And he began by pinching my fats, and then marking the areas that he will treat. Because Liposonix delivers high precision fat-destruction, only the areas treated would be affected, leaving the skin and neighbouring tissues and organs unharmed.

My fat belly and all the areas marked. Wa lao I seriously feel like a piece of pork belly on the butcher’s table.

This is the fat blaster.

A gel was applied to my tummy before the machine glides over the area, kind of like how doctors use ultrasound to do pregnancy scans.

The sensation varies with each individual, and also with each area treated. You might feel discomfort, cold, prickling, or warmth. For me, maybe because I have strong ab muscles underneath that layer of fat, it hurt. Which was why you need to have at least an inch of pinchable fat to do this treatment. If not you might feel a little painful too.

The keyword is might. When my lower ab area was treated, I felt like the machine was slicing me open, without anaesthesia. What’s amazing is that I feel it in my fatty layer, and my skin was NOT harmed at all. It’s like someone tried to slice the fats out from under my skin.

Okay I’m sorry if I’m sounding morbid, but I’m truly fascinated by the sensation. Lol.

Then again, when it came to my sides, also known as my love handles, I felt nothing. No pain, no discomfort. So when Dr Kwan was treating my sides it was a huge relief for me because I could then chit chat normally without holding my breath. ><

It really depends on individual bodies I think, but hey, one hour of pain versus many hours of futile attempts to exercise away that layer. I’ll take the pain anytime.

After treatment. I don’t know if it was just the angle or if that one hour has helped made my tummy less flabby. But I felt like I did a thousand sit-ups. My abs were sore, and it felt like my fats were really burning.

Results will take about 8-12 weeks to show, and I was told not to do anything too different. So I’m still eating at odd hours, not watching my diet, eating whatever, and not exercising much. Even though I am really tempted to because I want to slim down faster~~~

Lun...lun...Slimmer soon Silver...slimmer soon...
The guy who pinched and tortured my fats. Lol. Thanks Dr Kwan, Solta Medical and Dermacare for the treatment!

Now I patiently await a smaller tummy...


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    1. Haha it does seem so. The only difficult part is getting through the session! =D

  2. Hey babe, im keen to try, if going back to Dr Kwan, any discount offer for getting thru ur blog?

    1. Hey Michele, unfortunately there's non at the moment, but u can try to ask! =D