Sunday, 1 December 2013

A little more about Prince Alton

A huge thanks to Pets & Friends for doing an interview on Alton and I. 

Those new to my blog, Alton is my furkid, and the guy who makes housework for me a huge chore cos he sheds like crazy. And because he loves sleeping with me, I kind of stopped using my hydrating sleeping masks cos I'll end up with fur stuck on my face. -.-" 

I wrote an intro to my fur kid some years back, and in a flash, he's 8 already. Next post shall be about his birthday this year. Which was almost 3 months ago. #Ireallyneedtoblogmore

Click here for the write-up by Pets & Friends.

Here are some pictures which didn't make it to the feature. There were so many, and these are my top picks. Cos they either make Alton look so good, or make me look so good, or I just like how they look. =D Special thanks to PMET for the feature, and the pictures!

"Oh doggy god why am I doing theeeessss????"

I know you can't really see or hear now, but I hope you remember the colours you added to my life.
Mummy loves you, always. 

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  1. Jesus will heal n cure your dog.n i hope your dog will fully recover one day.