Thursday, 3 October 2013

Zardoze Fashion TV Beach Festival

I know it's been 2 months since the event (and that's how little I've been blogging...sorry my dears!) but hey, better late than never! 

How many of you are fashionistas? I don't claim to be one, and I've never seen myself as being one, but I had the honour of being invited to one of the biggest fashion beach festivals ever~~~ Don't be jealous, I've pictures to feed you. ;)

I have a love-hate relationship with fashion events, mainly because 
1. I never felt like I fit in;
2. I need to dress up. And I never know what is appropriate, and what is over/under;
3. I don't really own a lot of fashionable clothes. I think;
3. Due to the large numbers of skinny people, I always feel super demoralized and fat during and after. 

And so the theme was a white party. Uh oh... Beach? White party? White bikini?
JP, Zardoze's Creative Director, came out with this.

In case you ever get a white themed party to attend. ;)

(Click on picture to enlarge)
Choice outfit with my waterproof jelly Melissa Shoes (not shown in picture. Duh~)

And I arrived in my little white tube dress that I dug out from my wardrobe (you had no idea how hard it was to find an all-white beach-fashion-event-appropriate outfit), apprehensive and in awe. You see, even for me, I feel out-of-place in such events sometimes. (And we thought we only get it while growing up.)  There were tonnes of good-looking people in bikinis (and board shorts of course, for the guys. I would be horrified to find men in ladies' swimwear), many of them ang mors. Blame myself for not bringing tonnes of party-friends with me. But hey, I was there for the ZARDOZE fashion show~~~

This is one brand which I'm in awe of. I love love love love their evening gowns. Every single piece hand sewn and well-finished. Mmm~~~

Are you ready?

We started the show with Dawn Yang as the host (dressed on Zardoze of course). The hair, the legs... 

And here are some of my favourite pieces from the show:

The swimwear is amazing. To pull this off, I need to work harder. Workeeet~~~

And these last 2 pieces are to die for. 

I kind of regretted not getting these for my green carpet event at the Starhub TVB event I just attended. Then again, I don't have this model's height. Maybe I won't look good in it (self-console).

BUT IT'S SO GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

So beautiful.

ZARDOZE is available online at, and they provide free express shipping worldwide. 

You may also find ZARDOZE at the following stores:

Robinsons Department Store
The Centrepoint
Level 2
176 Orchard Road 
Singapore 238843

Robinsons Department Store
Raffles City
Level 2
252 North Bridge Road
Singapore 179103

ZARDOZE is also available in the following cities - 

Malaysia: Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur
Indonesia: Muse & Galeries Lafayette, Jakarta


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