Saturday, 21 September 2013

Never Say Never 2.0

So I'm slow. I just watched Justin Bieber's Never Say Never and I have to say ready?

I AM A FAN!!!!

Sure I knew him some time ago mainly because I'm a fan of Selena Gomez, and I remember years ago people were telling me about this "faggot who sings like a girl" (I think that's mean) and that they couldn't understand what all the hype was about.


Okay, I have to say a few things now. I'm a fan now, and it's not just because:

1. He's cute.
2. He has awesome flickable hair which was auctioned off.
3. He has beautiful eyes.
4. This kid can actually sing.
5. He's really talented!!!

Okay maybe all of the above.

I mean, look at this video!!!!

So cute I could die....ARGH!!!!

And at 14 years old, he wrote this song...Where Are You Now. Music and lyrics all his.

He was a child that has got what it takes, and someone discovered him. I'm sure he's very pleasant to work with, or he wouldn't sustain till today. 

I hope he keep doing what he does, better. =D

After watching him I have a renewed sense of faith towards my dreams. Suddenly having a great body and carving out a career for myself in Taiwan doesn't seem such an impossible task. 

Work it girl!

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