Monday, 9 September 2013

How Many Kids?

One of my closest friend's wife just gave birth!!!!! Congrats JOY!!!!!!

I wasn't paying much attention to my phone the whole day, especially the group chats (you know group chats right? Amazing for keeping track of friends' lives 'live' but too much chatter!) and when I opened the group chat, OMG I realized his wife had popped!

For some reason I felt really happy for him - the want-to-cry kind. Maybe it was reading the 'live' updates and having the whole group of friends documenting the entire process - all the anxiety, questions, chatting...that enabled me to feel the atmosphere better. But really, he's the very first very very close friend of mine to have a baby, and that felt somehow special for me. =)

Congratulations Azmi & Joy on having a healthy boy! Will be looking forward to that one month celebration! =D

I do want my own. And I want 3.

Why 3???

I grew up in a big family with my mum and her siblings, and I really enjoy the liveliness that is very apparent in a big family. One minute you have someone coming home with crab, next someone else comes home with the girlfriend, then another one wants to go out for bowling, all at 11pm at night. Happening right? I was 7 at the time, and the house was always so full of activities. I like that most of the time someone had something to say to someone else. Except when the someone was nagging. And that's usually the grandmother. (I hope that won't be me. Will try. I mean it.)

I feel that 1 child is too lonely, 2 is...mmm...ok lor. Let's just say that when you have 3 (or more), someone else would always somehow break the silence. Or at least, there would be more topics to chat about, and I believe that there would be that one child who would help bring the other 2 closer.

A healthy mix of boys and girls would be great, with the eldest being a girl.

That's my ideal, though I don't see myself having any in the next couple of years. For now, work comes first, and I have so much I wish to achieve. Kids will come later, but yes, for sure, they WILL come. I have Alton now, remember? He has been my son since he was a puppy. ^^ (He turns 8 on Tuesday! Am kind of excited about the little party I'm going to throw for him on Weds!)


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  1. Silver, good to read you are thinking about children. You are correct to work on career now. Once children come they will change your life. For the better too!
    If you think your career has given you challenges, get ready for more than you ever thought possible when children come into your life.

    You will also learn more about love, giving and sharing with children. The lessons you learn about yourself, and your children will enrich your life beyond any fantasy you have now.

    Children will also make you work harder, lose sleep, cry more than you have in the past. That will be balanced or exceeded by the joy, love, happiness and laughs that a child will cause and share with you.

    Life truly begins with a child.

    Best wishes!!