Friday, 6 September 2013


Have you ever asked for something and not long after you've done so, you find yourself slowly getting what you wished for? It may come as a a whole, or it may come in bits and pieces, but for sure, you know it has somehow materialised.

And then you think about what you asked for not too long ago and wonder if it had anything to do with it. You could have asked for it from your god, whatever your religion, or you could have asked for it from the universe (if you read The Secret like I did). What matters is you asked, and somehow, someone out there decided to help you fulfil it.

It happened to me on many occasions.

Once, when I was going through a very bad time in 2011, I went to the church near my place, and the pastor that day said many things which gave me answers and allowed me to move on. It was almost like God was trying to help give me advise because everything I heard that day seemed to be spoken to me, for me.

Then another time after I read The Secret, I tried it, asked, and received whatever little I asked for. (I didn't dare get my hopes up for fear it wouldn't work, though it contradicts with how the theory works la). Each time after that though, I would ask for something from the universe, like jobs, assignments, etc, and opportunities would present themselves in ways they have never done before.

Recently, I was introduced to the Four-Faced Buddha of Thailand. You can google it or find out more about it on YouTube. It has been told to me that it answers every prayer if you pray to it properly. So I did. And asked for plenty of assignments for the month.

You see, for August, nothing much was happening. I was just doing a few shoots here and there, but these were projects that have been ongoing since a couple of months ago, and there was nothing new. After my encounter with the Four-Faced Buddha which was at the end of August, September gave me a lot of surprises. I was getting email enquiries about my availability for new projects, I was getting auditions, I was meeting people randomly and suddenly getting job proposals.

Just today (yesterday if you are reading it on the 6th), because of too much durian, alcohol, hardcore singing and late nights (don't ask me how this strange combination of activities came about), I was having a pretty bad sore throat, and had decided to give myself a day off and stay home to rest. Okay la it just so happened that I had no shoot, no meetings, no viewings, nothing on at all. So I decided to watch a few good DVDs at home and make it a day for studying academy award winners. Suddenly my phone rings. (Macam school!)

Basic translated convo:
"Hello is this Silver? I am so-and-so from Jack Neo's new movie Everybody's Business. (I nearly fell off my chair at this point.) Due to the rain and some conditions, I was wondering if you are free to come down today to act in a scene for us?"

(trying to remain calm) "Erm what role is it, and what time do you need me there?"

"Oh you'll be a travel agency consultant, and can you be here at 2pm?" (It was 12:55 then.)

I tell you...I nearly died. Let's just say not too long ago I asked for an opportunity to be in a movie as I have been on TV quite a bit but not on the big screen. And also not too long ago when I hoped there would be an opportunity to work on Jack Neo's projects. Well ok it's just a cameo appearance and it was just one scene, but what mattered was that a random opportunity came!!!

And you know what was the strangest part? I checked my email and another person had sent me an email asking me to help her with a scene in a movie, that is, if I'm free today. It was the same production! I thought they communicated and ultimately found me. But no! I spoke to her on set and she told me that she and the person who called me both thought of me for the same role at the same time today, without the other person knowing that both had contacted me! And what were the chances? I was zhorbo-ing at home. Which HARDLY ever happens! And that made me free to go for shoot immediately. Oh by the way, having sudden calls to act on the day itself almost never happens either. It was a first for me today.

I'm not a Christian, nor a Taoist, or a Buddhist. I'm born into a Taoist family, my dad prays to Thai gods, and I go to church with my friends occasionally. I believe there is a a higher up, except I don't know what form mine comes in yet, but I would like to believe there IS some unknown energy at work, and whatever it is, thank you.

For all the amazing things that have happened to me, and those yet to materialize.

Life is exciting as I know it now. =)

P.S I apologize for the weird sentence structures and weird grammar which I know were peppered throughout today's post. My head is spinning from my still-heatiness and lack of sleep thus my incoherence. You're really sweet to read through all the way till here. I'm gonna go and bid you goodnight before I become entirely incomprehensible. Talk again soon. Muah~


  1. For 4 faced buddha do u have to go back to give thanks?

    1. It is said that we are supposed to! I'm guessing if my wish is granted whole, I'll have to do that. =D

  2. It's a good post. I'll still read it no matter how long or grammatically wrong it is.