Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Sponsored: DIY Hair Coloring with L'Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion in Luxurious Golds

Looking forward to getting a new hair colour? School's almost out in a few months, which means NEW HAIR COLOUR IS ALMOST IN!!!!

I remember being in Secondary 4 and waiting long and hard for my O'Levels to be over so that I could quickly change my hair colour out of the boring dark brown which I was born with.
Don't get me wrong, I love my original hair colour, but admit it, we all want to have the option to change our hair colour as and when we please, and school just isn't the place that allows it. 

Of course, the desire to change hair colors doesn't just apply to students (I'm not talking about the poly, uni, and private school students of course, most of these lucky ones can change their hair color anytime they wish.) There are also the working adults who have never colored their hair because they are afraid to take the risk (I understand the fear - My first time colouring I was so worried that I might end up looking strange), those who are bored with their current hair color, those with coloured hair that is way past due their appointment with their stylist because they are too busy/too expensive/salon too far from from/yada yada yada.

Especially those who are going to try colouring their hair for the first time (I can see the Sec 4 & 5 students listening up), what colour are you going to dive into? The more adventurous may want to go for purples and pinks and blues or oranges, but most of us want to start with something a little less intimidating and more natural. After all, you want your hair colour to complement your skin tone and make you look better, yes? Having hair colour that makes you look pale and sick isn't what you should be going for.
 DIY was what I did before I had kind sponsors coming into my life. Every 2 months I would give my hair a fresh coat of color, as hair roots become very obvious after that amount of time. 

I have coloured hair, and well, let's just say I wasn't too happy with my dark roots which were growing out, and this time, I decided to have a go at DIY-ing again. 
It’s really a much cheaper alternative to visiting a hair salon to get your colours done! For my length of hair, a good hair colouring session will easily cost me about $200 at a professional hair salon. DIY? I can get it done for less than $40. Muahahaha~~~

I know, I know. I have really dry hair which I have not treated in donkey years. (Sorry sponsors,  I promise I'm coming soon!) And I really should not be putting more stress onto my tresses.

But but but... what if the hair-dye helps to minimise damage while coloring? 

This. If it can colour as well as protect my hair at the same time, why not? 

L'Oreal Paris has launched their new Luxurious Golds range, and the colours are so luxe and elegant, I believe the end result will look quite sophisticated. Plus, golden brown can look classy, elegant, AND edgy at the same time. The Golden Nude Brown is a safe colour to opt for if you have warm skin tones like I do. Those with cool skin tones can go for the other shade in the Luxurious Golds Collection: Ashy Nude Brown. 
Both colours look pretty natural so it’s great for those who want to try more “normal” and natural colours.

I've been out in the sun a lot, so I'm considered medium skin-toned now (skin tone changes, so don't just assume you are warm skin-toned just because you once were), and will suit this better. I think.

Let's start! 

Step 1: Using the bottle of Protective pre-color Serum provided, apply this to your entire head of dry hair.

The ends. My hair ends were so dry that I emptied more than half the bottle here. 

Don't forget the fringe. Because I will be doing chemical treatment to my whole head of hair, I need to protect all of it.

Next, prepare yourself for the hair-dyeing process, which may get a little messy. I recommend doing this in the bathroom naked. This way if anything gets onto your skin or arms or face, you can just wash off. If you are doing it with a friend and are not comfortable getting naked in front of your friend, I recommend you wear a poncho or a raincoat over your clothes to prevent staining them.

Then, you will also find a bottle of Creme Developer as well as Protective Creme Colorant. Pour the Creme Colorant into the Creme Developer bottle.

The next step is where it starts to get messy, so wear your gloves (also provided) at this point.

Shake. Not you. Shake the bottle such that the contents in the bottle are evenly mixed! You don't want patchy hair color!

 I'm going to miss this old colour. I actually like it, especially under sunlight. It's just grown out and looked dark in the shade. Goodbye nice shade of reddish brown. ^.^

Last picture of my old hair colour before the new one covers it!

You will find this applicator in the box as well. I'll be using this to get the mixture evenly combed and  distributed throughout my hair. Unscrew the cap of the bottle and screw this comb applicator on.

It has holes at the teeth so when you squeeze the bottle the hair dye will ooze out.

And we begin!

If you'd like you can also break off the tip of the original cap and use this applicator to section your hair and apply the mixture onto the roots. Both ways work, just that the comb is better for those with long hair. 

Because my hair is long, I went with 2 boxes. Just in case not enough, you know?

 And you're done for the dyeing process. So you wait. For about 30 minutes. I was kind of kiasu so I did 45 minutes. ><  

 Find some kind of "Giap" and clip up your hair so it doesn't fall on your shoulders and accidentally color your skin. Should any hair dye land on your shoulders/face/other parts of your skin, you can use a damp tissue and wipe it off.

30 minutes is a pretty long time to sit inside the bathroom and do nothing, so unless you have a nice bathtub to sit and soak yourself in, I really strongly suggest you clip up your hair, wrap yourself in a towel, and come out and do something. Like read a book, or play Candy Crush, or Insta-stalk people...

Seriously, time flies when you Insta-stalk. Lol. And before you know it, 30 minutes are up!


I love the new colour! It's a lot brighter but yet not too light~ And it brightens my complexion somehow too!

L'Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion is infused with Hi-intensity Pigments, Hi-shine Complex, which ensures that your hair stays vibrant-looking for a long time, as well as a Triple-Care formula (Micro-Cera Essence, Amino Acid & Collagen) which helps to minimize damage to your hair while colouring.


 Really dry hair? Concerned about how long your hair colour is going to last? No problem. The after-colour hair care system by L'Oreal EverPure will ensure that your hair and scalp receive the tender loving care they deserve to ensure your hair colour stays on longer post hair-colouring.

EverPure is Sulfate-free, so it protects the hair and scalp from the irritation of sulfates. Sulfates can aggravate scalp and damage the hair fibre. Hair fibre will weaken due to a lack of essential oils and thus break. Sensitive scalp might flake, itch or even develop scalp acne. Sulfates are essentially harsh detergents, so choose sulfate-free if you really want the best for your hair. Or your skin, for that matter, since sulphates are present too in facial washes and shower gels

EverPure helps to retain the hair's natural oils, and with the addition of UVA and UVB filters in the conditioner and masque, hair is protected from the sun’s destructive rays. The result? Healthy strong hair that is non-frizzy, so you can show off your new hair colour nicely! 

This is a MUST-USE after your shampoo! To tame all dryness and frizziness, especially in your hair ends.

See the difference it makes?

I’ll be having a giveaway of the hair dye on through my twitter account @silver_ang, all you need to do is a simple retweet! Follow me there to find out more soon!

The Luxurious Golds Collection is available at Watsons, Guardian, major supermarkets and hypermarkets and selected departmental stores at $18.90. Just for the month of August, enjoy an introductory offer of $15.90! Good news for the long-haired girls! Lol.

Okok time for me to attempt a L'Oreal Paris Ad. Don't laugh ah!

The Luxurious Gold Collection in Golden Nude Brown.

Because we're worth it. ;)


  1. Hi Silver!

    May I know what contact lens you're wearing here? You look really pretty in it! (:

  2. hi silver! I have just started to follow and reading your blog! can i know what camera are you using? the pictures look so pretty and clear! (:

    1. Hi Cass! Thanks for following! I'm using a Canon EOS 600D for this post. =)

    2. Hi what will i do i have forgot to put pre color serum prior to coloring my hair?

    3. Hi Madel! The pre colour serum just acts as a protectant for your hair. If you forgot to put it please remember to use a hair mask or some kind of treatment for your hair (if you can - everyday) for the next few days! This is to strengthen the hair. Hope this helps!

  3. Is this permanent and does the color wash out?