Tuesday, 23 July 2013

What I've Been Up To

Sorry I haven't been updating as much (I can't remember how many blog posts I've started with this line). I'm not giving up on blogging. The past few months have been such a whirlwind of work that all I wanted to do when I get home is

1. randomly scroll through my Instagram,
2. online shop,
3. cuddle with Alton, or
4. curl up in bed with my e-books on my iPad.

Sometimes I organize and reorganize my room a bit. You know, when I get too busy and the room suddenly becomes messy (after not bothering to pack for 2 weeks), I enjoy spending time just making it neat. It's therapeutic. =D

So what EXACTLY has been taking up all my time from this precious blog of mine, which I used to communicate often with my friends and readers like yourself? Let's start from February, shall we? I think that's when I remember I started becoming really busy.

- Started working on "Dream Makers 志在四方"
- Went to Shanghai to visit the bf, which, due to my upcoming crazy schedule, would be the last I see of him in months. =(
- Shot a cameo in 2 new SilkyGirl TV ads with Jayley

- Did "Bingit", a Suria malay TV series
- Filming continues for "Dream Makers 志在四方"
- Started working on "Me, Myself & Isaac", a kids' tv drama series for Okto
- Started preparing for "Lady First Singapore 女人我最大新加坡". It's a beauty talk show hosted by Pauline Lan which has been running for 11 years in Taiwan, and is starting its Singapore version.
- After having passed my Real Estate Salesperson Examination in July, I finally got my ass round to getting my CEA Licence processed. Yes, I am now OFFICIALLY a qualified property agent!!! More on this soon! =)

- Went to take courses to upgrade myself on being a good real estate agent. With all the new measures that keeps changing, we need to constantly keep up. ;)
- Did 2 short films "7 Years" and "Piu Che L'Amore"
- Filming continues for "Dream Makers 志在四方"
- "Lady First Singapore 女人我最大新加坡" officially starts production
- Started working on "Mata Mata", a new channel 5 period drama set to start airing on National Day.
- Took on my first ever stage play "Fourlies". Rehearsal starts.

- Filming continues and wraps for "Dream Makers 志在四方"
- Filming continues for "Mata Mata" in Singapore & Batam
- Filming continues for "Lady First Singapore 女人我最大新加坡"
- Short 3D2N Media trip on Star Cruises with BFF Mint. Nope, I've yet to blog about this. Soon, babies. =)
- Rehearsal every Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri nights for "Fourlies"

- Did short film "Afterglow"
- Filming continues and wraps for "Mata Mata" in Singapore & Batam
- Filming continues and wraps for "Lady First Singapore 女人我最大新加坡"
- Rehearsal every Mon, Wed, Fri for "Fourlies"
- Actual performance 27-29 June for "Fourlies"
- Started work on new kids' Channel 8 drama series "Little Detective"
- Started work on new kids' Channel 8 variety programme "Kids CEO"
- Bf visits end of month, after 4 months of not seeing him. Heck, I didn't even have much time to text/FaceTime him as much the past few months.

It's not that he didn't want to come earlier. In fact, he did, but as my schedule was packed to the brim (I could have one shoot from 7am-6pm, and then same-day rehearsals from 7pm till 11pm), 5-6 days a week. It just wasn't worth him coming and spending time alone. Thus I got him to visit towards end of June when I was clearing up most of my work so I could spend more time with him.

Then July came. Am I glad it did, cos apart from my weekends which are spent filming the 2 kids' programmes (children have school on weekdays so weekends are the only times we can do it), the rest of my time I spent on recharging myself. I was becoming a little burnt out from my mad morning to late night schedule, and I thought if I didn't start taking a rest soon I might suddenly quit this industry altogether, which is not what I want rationally, at all. O.O

So together with the bf, we spent time with my family, went to Batam, Bintan, explored Singapore a little, visited Pulau Ubin, and spent some quality lost time together. I had to say, it did wonders for our relationship. Relationships take effort on both parties to work, and should never, never be taken for granted. Out of the billions of people in the world, you met him/her, and got together. Think about that. This applies to your friends and family as well. Of so many people, they are who they are to you. 真的很难得,不是吗?

Then last week, I went to Taiwan on my own. I wasn't depressed or anything, I just wanted to go. And there I visited the original set of 女人我最大. All I can say is for everything that happened or is about to happen because I know they will, I just know it, I'm really grateful. I got to know a lot of people, and I had the opportunity to have 3 intimate meals with the Queen, Pauline Lan herself. She's absolutely amazing, even more so in real life. I'm blessed, and I'm thankful. =D

Now I'm waiting to finish my 2 kids' programmes and a short film which I'm doing this week, and then I'm going to be making some big plans. Can't say what yet though, but I will announce in a few months. =)

I'm already actively available should you be looking for a house to buy, sell, rent or lease. Property has been one of my interests since I was in high school (the other is performing), and after 6 years of contemplating whether or not I should do it, I'm in. No, I'm not giving up on performing just yet, but do know that my heart is in helping people with their homes now, too. =)

Yup, so these are what I've been doing. If you want more immediate updates, follow me on Instagram (@silver_ang - refer to the left sidebar of my blog). It's become my go-to for daily updates of late. =)

Till later, talk to you soon.


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  1. My goodness!!!

    You're sooo busy!!!

    I'm amazed you can fit so much in 5 months! If I have your schedule, I'll be burnt out.

    Please take it easy and take more time to rest.