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Staycation at Crowne Plaza Singapore

Late night arrivals are a pain, but that was the bf's flight arrangement when he came over to visit in late June. Guessing he'd be tired, I arranged for him to stay over at Crowne Plaza Changi, our very own airport hotel at Terminal 3. Thank you Crowne Plaza Changi for hosting us. =)

Was I glad I chose this hotel! As the hotel staff showed me around the place, even though it was already late and very dark, I was very impressed with the hotel interior! It was posh, with good usage of south-east asian elements like batik prints and textiles, and everywhere I go, despite being inside a building, I see lush greenery, or am constantly reminded of the rainforest by plants and rainforest gardens. Clever design. I'd say this makes it a very nice way to remember Singapore for those who are looking to stay during a stopover. 

Picture Credit: Crowne Plaza Changi
This is the hotel exterior. Driven past it a million times especially when I was an air stewardess, but I never thought to stay here, even for a staycation. Never did I think I would be missing out on such a pretty gem.

Upon arrival into Singapore at Terminal 3, after you clear customs and immigration, all you need to do is turn left and walk all the way to the end. You will come to Crowne Plaza Changi's entrance at either level 1 (arrival) or 2 (departure). 
The hotel entrance at level 2. Picture Credit: Crowne Plaza Changi
The hotel staff were all very friendly and helpful, and I was brought to my suite, which supposedly, is one of the best in Crowne Plaza, as, apart from being really spacious, it has its very own pool patio (there are only 6 such rooms). Meaning, all I needed to do, was open my balcony doors, and the pool is right there. 

An iPod dock beside the bed to play your favourite music and set the ambience. ^^
No iPod? Play the radio la! Must teach one meh???

View from the bed. The television looks small here, but really, it's a good size. And the couch is there for you to watch tv on. Save the bed for other activities. You know, like rest? And maybe massage...? (What were you thinking? tsk~~~)

Has a very lovely work area. Crowne Plaza hosts a lot of business travelers, so the hotel is very businessman(and woman)-friendly. Having said that, I think it makes a great leisure traveller hotel too.
The drawer by the desk houses the safe, by the way. 

Spotted something on the desk???

*squeals* Desserts!!!! (snaps picture before any of them gets hurt)

They also have a pretty nice-sized bathroom. All their bathrooms let in natural light in the day as this hotel is all about eco-friendly design. 

Toilet amenities by The White Company. One never has to worry about amenities when staying at the Crowne Plaza Changi. Just bring your skincare products. And if you forget, well, Watson's is just downstairs at basement 2 of Changi Airport Terminal 3. 

Speaking of Terminal 3. Or Changi Airport in general. Growing up, I used to love going to the airport to hang out, or study. The cafes are quiet, and there are corners which you can sit peacefully without people disturbing your peace. When it gets boring, I could always just walk around the MANY shops around the airport. Terminal 3 has a supermarket at basement 2, as well as a foodcourt and plenty of eateries. Restaurants can be fount at level 2 and 3 as well, and should you be hungry in the middle of the night, Xinwang Hong Kong Cafe is open till 2am, and some stalls in the foodcourt stay open throughout the night. Oh, and TCC is 24 hours. When all else fails, you have the convenience stores. 

Changi International Airport is not coined one of the Best Airports in the World for nothing. 

Oh, should you need to get to the city, you can access the Changi Aiport MRT station via basement 2. There is a linkway which also connects to Terminal 2. And yes, you will be shielded from all weather elements from the airport hotel to the MRT. Very convenient. 

Back to the bathroom. (I know, I digress anyhow because my thoughts are often flying all over the place.)

The bathroom has a separate rainshower and bathtub, and is so very spacious. 
This is something interesting, and I kinda like it - the bathroom is designed in such a way that you can look out into the bedroom, and the tv, should you wish to watch tv while in the bathtub.

That being said, your partner can watch you (and vice versa) as you take a nice hot bath. Or poop, for that matter. Haha~

But really, this can be a kinky watch-you-partner-bathe screen. Of course, if your partner can see you, so can the rest of the world outside your balcony. Make sure your patio curtains are drawn. Don't say I didn't warn you.

This looks like part of the wardrobe....

Open it up and laid flat inside is an iron and ironing board. For those wrinkled shirts and pants taken out of the suitcase.

And right at the entrance/exit is a nice little area. Some would leave their suitcase here, but I think this place is great for sitting to wear your shoes with. And when you're done?

There is this huge full-length mirror to check your overall image and coordinate before you leave the room for that all-important meeting. Or just so u know you're looking good. Or for taking #ootd pictures. Lol! This mirror, by the way, is a sliding door for the wardrobe. #cleverdesign

The hotel is equipped with a 24-hour gym, so nocturnals like myself can work out even at the weirdest hours.
Picture Credit: Crowne Plaza Changi
Guests on the Club Floor also has access to the Club Floor Lounge. You may choose to have your daily complimentary breakfast here or at the main public breakfast area at Azur. 

Apart from breakfast, the Club Floor Lounge also has afternoon snacks from 2-5pm, and cocktail drinks from 5-8pm. 

Waking up, I was greeted by the sight of one of the most gorgeous pools I've ever seen.
This is no pond. It feels exotic just being by the pool!

The pool has got to be the best thing ever about this hotel. At least for me. I love the water, but I hate getting tanned by the sun. I like tan, but I don't like the sun damage that comes with it. The pool is the only one in Singapore with this many trees in the middle of the pool. And hey, they provide shade. 

Picture Credit: Crowne Plaza Changi
The ceiling is designed in such a way that you will still be able to tan should u choose to. I'm going to just swim under the tree shade. Lol.

Both the bf and I love the water (trust me when I say I do, it's just my skin that doesn't agree with me), so we spent a lot of time wrinkling ourselves in the pool.

iPhone 4 pictures just doesn't do the place any justice. I'll let the pictures below (taken by the very capable film-maker/videographer bf) show you how amazing the pool is.  These pictures, when I went through them, blew myself away. Makes me wanna go back to Crowne Plaza Changi like now, at 3:35am in the morning. Lol. 

 That's me sitting by the sundeck just outside our room. ^.^

Navy Solid Underwire Bikini by Milch


I wanna wake up to this EVERY MORNEEEEEEENNNNNGGGG!!!!!!

Pssst!!! Did you know that Crowne Plaza Changi is rated one of the Best Airport Hotels in the world? I can see why!

Want a taste of your own Crowne Plaza Changi?

Rejuvenating Weekend Getaway Package
Crowne Plaza Changi Airport is now having a promotion for those in need of a break over the weekends. I know exactly how crazy it can be to feel overwhelmed and consumed by work and not having the time and energy to go overseas.
They are giving a special rate of just S$222++/night!

Given that this is really a pretty steep hotel on normal days, I'd take advantage of this offer myself. ;)

The Rejuvenating Weekend Getaway Package is available for booking from now till 30 September 2013, and it includes:
  • Spacious deluxe room with ensuite bathroom equipped with luxurious standing rainshower and separate bathtub
  •  Buffet Breakfast for Two at Azur Restaurant
  • No rushing with guaranteed late check-out at 4pm 
I love late checkout! It's annoying when you have to get out of the room by 12noon, which is the normal checkout time for most hotels. How to enjoy like that? Who wakes up so early on holidays right?

The Suite Life. Want what I had? 

You can opt to upgrade to one of their 27 suite rooms (out of 320 rooms, yup, these 27 are the exclusive ones) by just topping up an additional $150++. This will include:
  • Upgrade to a 75sqm suite with a separate lounge area, large bathroom with separate rainshower and bathtub, The White Company bathroom amenities and iPod docking station
  • Access to Crowne Plaza Club for two with option to dine in either Azur or Club Lounge for breakfast and complimentary evening cocktails and canap├ęs at the Club Lounge
  • Requests for a pool-access room is available for Club level rooms, however are subject to availability. (Remember, there are only 6 rooms with pool patio.)

  • It's the Weekend. Go on, Sleep in...

    Want more? Pamper yourself, yes? Or maybe give your special someone a treat, or give yourself more time to unwind. Wake up later by skipping your breakfast for their famous Weekend Changi Brunch. (I will be blogging about this sumptuous meal in a bit!) 

    Top up just $20++ per pax to enjoy the indulgent spread of Asian, Western and Local delights during brunch (U.P: $48++)*, which starts at 12:30pm and ends at 3:30pm. It's the weekend! do you really think you're going to sleep early and wake up before 10am to have your breakfast. Like, really???? ;)

    If you ask me, I'd say, go for the brunch. I'm going through pictures now for my next blogpost, and I'm salivating already. Rah~~ It'll be so worth it, trust me. 

    You know what, during my "staycation", it was also the period of my "Fourlies" performance, so it totally clashed and I wasn't in the room most of the time (had to be at The Arts House from 2-11pm). Only the bf got to enjoy the room, but I'm glad he did though. Still, I am going to book my stay there again. Maybe alone. Or with a girlfriend. =D Maybe I'll catch you guys there!

    Want? Want? You may make your *bookings here. Remember, it's until 30 September 2013 only! You may want to "Like" Crowne Plaza Changi on Facebook for more updates and promotions!

    The Rejuvenating Weekend Getaway Package is valid for Singapore residents only and is subject to availability.

    1. *Not valid during themed and festive promotions (e.g. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc). Please contact for enquiries on availability.

Crowne Plaza Changi is located at:
75 Airport Boulevard, Singapore 819664
Phone: 6823 5388

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