Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Bust Enhancement?

Before I begin I would like to warn you - lots of boob-talking in this post. Guys and kids who might be uncomfortable, I suggest you make your escape. Now.

And for the rest of you, I shall begin. Of late I have been cast in quite a number of "busty" roles, and I'd like to clarify to everyone who believes I am busty - I am really not.

I am fleshy, yes, and majority of those boobs you see half spilling out of my scenes are just fat squished over from under the arms. Uh huh. And oh, a lot of tape, and push up. You have no idea how much I have to sacrifice for those roles ok, it's super duper painful when I tear the masking tape off my skin, and the marks stay on for up to 3 weeks. ><

You will realize I'm not busty if you can find and look through my swimwear pictures. I always envy girls with nice, full, round boobs. Think Victoria Secret models. Yes I know they are one in a million. Billion, perhaps, that's why there are there working for VS. But this is what I am talking about.
Picture Credit: VictoriasSecret.com

She's wearing a bandeau, but it doesn't squish her boobs like what bandeaus do to mine. 
Picture credit: VictoriasSecret.com
See!!! It's FULL!!!!

Granted, I understand how most of these pictures have been edited to death, but there are girls with such boobs, and mine...let's just say mine aren't like that.

So what are mine like, you wonder? I can't believe I'm telling you, because you might lose all respect for me after this - my boobs are slightly on the sharp side. 

Ok, to protect my modesty a little, I'll show you a little drawing on the profile view of nice boobs vs that of sharp boobs.

The one on the left is a very nice perky shape. The right one though, is what I'm talking about - sharp boobs. Mine are not THAT sharp la, but the emptiness at the top is a problem I'm facing. Without push-up bras, mine just won't have that nice bulge at the top. 

And it's very annoying when I have to wear clothes that reveal the top part and are backless/strapless. That means I won't be able to wear my push-ups. And I have yet to find a strapless bra that can give that push. Nope, not even Nubra can help. (Nubra, when worn with loose clothing, tends to make the boobs look a little saggy.) And no, I really don't want to go through the ordeal of taping my skin again. It's super painful.

So how???

Boob job? I've always been apprehensive about fake boobs, how they might feel/look unnatural, and if it will interfere with breastfeeding in the future, so that is currently not in my consideration. I want them to grow naturally. But I think it's too late for that. Then I keep hearing people talk about Tokyo Bust Express, and I see them on the newspapers too, and how they use herbs and natural methods to help you achieve perkier, fuller breasts. They are the only natural bust enhancement salon with 4 outlets across Singapore. If they can open a number of outlets, it means they must be doing well, right? Their treatments must work to a certain extent for them to do well, yes? That's just my business logic working. >.<

So after some consideration, why not? 

On my way to Tokyo Bust. Today I shall (hopefully) see an improvement in my 2 lovely lady friends.

Awaiting consultation.

 My one big problem was that each time I lost weight, I lose quite a substantial part of my boobs. And when I put the weight back on, it doesn't go back there. Then when I lose weight again, more boob is gone, and the cycle repeats. To summarize it all, they just keep getting smaller and less firm la. Hmmph. 

Could you tell I was nervous? Lol. My arms were wrapped around myself most of the time. Feels so invading, like someone is going to pry me open and examine them. 

Of course, the entire consultation went very smoothly, and the consultant (plus all the ladies working there) made me feel very comfortable throughout. I couldn't really answer some of the questions she asked about problems with my bust area, as I haven't really seen enough breasts in my life to compare, you know? 

I found out that our breasts are made up of 15-20 mammary glands each, and how big our breasts are, are partially determined by the size of mammary gland, and partially fats in the breast area. If you put a lot of fats into your boobs, they are just going to be very nua and jiggly, you know, like what fats do. Their treatments focus on feeding nutrients to the mammary glands such that they expand. So it's all nice and firm. And perky. ^.^

I was very comforted to know, though, that whatever treatments they were using, they were all made of natural ingredients. And the treatments help to prevent bust-related issues like cysts and and cancer by helping to boost circulation in the bust area. 

Fenugreek! It's present in a lot of Indian food! No wonder our indian counterparts are generally bustier! 
Note to self: Feed my daughter with indian foods rich in fenugreek during her puberty period. And loads of Dang Gui.

And whatever Pueraria Mirifica is, it works wonders for the breasts. Stimulate development of mammary tissues to give a fuller bustline? I'd take that over more fats in the boobs. Hey, it even prevents breast cancer! What's there to not like?

The room was pleasantly prepared with flower petals on my bed, and all over the floor. Plus points for helping to set the mood. ^^

All changed and ready for my treatment.

I shall finish perkier. Muahahaha~ #thingsgirlscareabout

I was given a firming scrub first. This helps to get rid of any dead skin cells and thus aids in the absorption of all the things the therapist is going to use on me. 

After the scrub, I was treated to what they call Senchi Plus Massage. This is the massage that helps to boost circulation in the breast tissues and firm the bust line. I half expected this to feel weird, having someone SOLELY massage my boobs. But hey hey, waddya know? I didn't feel weirded out at all, and apart from a little soreness which is normal even if you press on your own boobs, it was generally comfortable. At times ticklish, at times sore, most times comfortable. I guess this depends on individual's tolerance levels, but as this is manual massage, if you feel that it's painful, just let the therapist know and she will adjust her strength accordingly. =)

The treatment was followed by with the use of TT Push Up machine using some kind of enhancing essence. This, of course, helps to push up your breasts so it's fuller.

My session ended with the Bust Suction Therapy. This is interesting. 2 vacuum cups were placed over my boobs, connected to a machine. When the therapist turned the machine on, the vacuum suction started well, sucking on my boobs. 

Obviously you know why I didn't show a clear picture. ><

This treatment was a good 15-20 minutes, and at some point, I dozed off.

And this was my result. WHOA!!!!

Point "A" was where I started with. Where the erm, raisins were. And Point "B" was where I ended up with. Perkier? Yes!!!

In one session, I already see an improvement! Let's hope that it just gets better!!! ^.^
(Then I can wear my bikinis without feeling like I need to stuff things inside and then worry about the stuffing floating away...lol!)

Tokyo Bust Express Envy-Me August Special!

Just for my readers, I have 5 Bust-Maximizer treatments to give away to each of you! Just answer the following question:

How many outlets does Tokyo Bust Express have?
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Send in your answer here and you will receive a free one-to-one Personalized Bust Analysis, together with your 5 Bust-Maximizer Treatments! The first 50 will also receive a limited edition National Day Bust Volume Kit worth S$388.

You may also opt to try the Senchi Plus Massage if you top up S$2! (The usual price for one session of the Senchi Plus Massage is S$660, so please make full use of this offer!) Terms and conditions apply*.

Enjoy your fuller breasts ladies! Good luck!

Tokyo Bust Express is located at:
  • City Square Mall: 180 Kitchener Road #B2-39 Singapore 208539
  • Park Mall: 9 Penang Road #11-06 Spore 238459
  • Nex Mall: 23 Serangoon Central, #03-32 556083
  • Novena Square 2: 10 Sinaran Drive #B1-111 307506

*Terms and conditions:

  • Females 18 years old and above only
  • Strictly by appointment only
  • Promotion valid for 2 months


  1. Silver, what you can try to enhance that area of your boobs is using what I call the "boob squeezer". Because exactly there runs a muscle and when that muscle is weak, you will have that "empty" feeling. That one muscle can help lift that whole thing and the easiest way - unless you want to go to a gym - is using such a squeezer.
    See, I have rather large boobs and when I was younger, I did horseback riding, swimming, went to the gym and always had that area filled. Now I am more lazy and while my boobs are still perky, I am defo emptier there. So I remembered the squeezer which I bought in the late 90's, searched for it, dusted it off and started to use it again.
    And while I probably won't have the bust area of my early 20's anymore, the enhancement is clearly viewable :D But it needs to be done every day, a good 100 times sounds ok.
    I am at work right now and cannot find a pic on the net to show you what I mean, but when I am at home, I will take a photo and show you.
    Maybe it can help you also :)


  2. Hi, may i know if the give away bust maximizer is still available? Thanx.