Thursday, 11 July 2013

Ad by Hankook Cosmetics: You Are Invited to Beauty'TesTeu!

Hello darlings! I haven't been updating my blog for a while with actual updates, but I promise they are coming soon. Really soon. No bluff you. =D 5 months of this busy wave has ended, and I'm going to have more time to do the other things which I have been neglecting, namely blogging, hanging out more with my friends, vlogging, and throwing myself into being an almost full-time real estate agent. ^^

I haven't blogged much about LJH or anything related to Hankook Cosmetics for a while too (~duh~), and this month has been a very exciting month for them as they have launched HKC Plaza, an online shopping mall which carries all of their products in different "floors" across the website! So it's a little like a real mall except that it's online. Makes sense? Lol. There are a lot of products not yet featured on the site, but do visit HKC Plaza and take a look while they constantly work to improve the site! 

They are also giving away $10 shopping vouchers! 

a) Like the HKCPlaza Facebook Fanpage

b) Sign up at the HKCPlaza site!
Once these are done the $10 voucher will be sent to your email inbox!

They have also launched Beauty'Tes'Teu, and the first Beauty'TesTeu event will be held this weekend at Nail's D'vine at Dempsey Road! I won't get to go due to my shoot schedule, but pls go check it out!


Join us for an afternoon fun of experiencing the latest Korean products!

Some Korean celebrities maintain their small v-line face contour and bright radiant skin without any surgical procedures. Don't believe it? Experience it! 

Another beauty tool in the limelight that you will get to experience is highly recommended by Celebrity Fashion Stylist & Fashion Designer, Mr Keith Png as well as Mr Clarence Lee, Celebrity Makeup Maestro (the makeup artist of choice for A-Listers such as Zhang Ziyi and Gong Li)! 

Also, you will get to see and try NEW Korea domestic-best-selling beauty brands! 

Please be assured that you are not obliged to make any purchases. Simply have fun and share on any of the instant results! Register today ^^

13 July 2013 (Saturday) or 14 July 2013 (Sunday)
Various programs are ongoing from 12:00pm~05:00pm
Singapore, Nail's D'vine Dempsey Road, Block 26 #01-03A
Map of Dempsey Road, Block 26 (shuttle bus). 
If you are arriving by taxi, we allow claim of up to SGD10.00*. 
We hope to see you in person! ^^

What is Beauty’TesTeu!?
A segment organized by HKCplaza where we (you, me - the public) on-the-spot try and conclude whether a product is more preferred more than the other of the same type, for example brand A's cleansing foam VS. brand B's cleansing foam!
The word [ Tes ] = English "Test" (trying / experimenting).
The word [ Teu ] = 2 (minimum of 2 brands' products of the same type).
In Korean, "Test" is 테스트, pronounced as tese/u/teu and this is how ’TesTeu!is created!
Other than Beauty’TesTeu!,we will have other segments like Food’TesTeu!where we sample and vote live on the best ready-food, it can be instant noodles, snacks and many more. To even coordinating a look with similar colour but different silhouette of an apparel for Fashion’TesTeu!.
Makeup’TesTeu!? - YES, you have guessed it correctly! Either experimenting 2 makeup looks for a set of styling or voting for a preferred makeup item.
Stay tuned ^.~
Meanwhile, join in the fun for this session of Beauty’TesTeu!

Which is the preferred CC CREAM and BB CREAM choice? Try & Vote! 
CC CREAMS - The Voted Preferred Choice
Do you know that there are 2 main types of CC Creams? - Color Control and magical Color Change! Get a good chance to have a close up, feel the difference between 2 main types and vote for your preferred type!
King Of BB CREAMS - Live Voting Of The Final Showdown
Try 5 different BB Creams, compare e.g. oiliness, coverage, moisture, etc and vote for various key voting elements!
In order for them to prepare your refreshments & gifts, please register here. Thank you!

Meanwhile, do check back for my blog updates soon! ;)

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