Monday, 18 March 2013

It seems like such a long time ago that I last sat down in front of my computer to do anything on it. The last few times I accessed it were to get scripts from my email and print them out. It's been that busy. I've been working nonstop daily since the day I got back from Shanghai. I do enjoy the work, but really, like what this thing on my calendar says, I need it desperately.

I had the luxury of today to do it. Despite sleeping at 3am cos I was up discussing *1980s idols with my mum, I woke up at 10am only to force myself back to sleep till 12 noon. After brunch and some tv, I went back into my bed for another 3 hours. Never. Felt. So. Good. 

*Think Liu Wen Zheng and Cui Dai Qing, if you even know them. Ask your parents, they will for sure.

Then again, maybe I've gotten used to working nonstop, sleeping this much had me feeling more than a little lethargic. I'm learning to grasp this thing called work-life balance. And though it sometimes isn't possible when I have to do 20-hour work days (not by choice), I try. 

I regret to say I haven't followed my resolutions at all in March due to work. It's really not an excuse. My mum sometimes comes home to me crashed on my bed in full makeup and my entire outfit, bra & jeans included. Or I come home to everyone sleeping and had to get out before anyone woke up. Not the kind of lifestyle I enjoy exactly, but I'm balancing.

I do appreciate all the exposure and opportunities I've been getting, so that part I'm not complaining. It's a good thing to be getting all these jobs that so many other people might be dreaming of, and I'm thankful. Nothing good in life comes easy, and I'm going to grit through this, and emerge better.

Come April, I will be getting back on track with all my resolutions. Till then. =)

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  1. Hi Silver, hang in there...你可以的。 :)