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Review: Little Nonya Cookies

Chinese New Year is upon us in 8 days!!!! Have you done your CNY shopping? I don't just mean your  clothes, but CNY goodies to welcome the lovely guests who will be visiting you. No????!?!?!

Don't panic don't panic~~~ I'm here to save the day!!! *macam* Lol! 

If you are afraid of the crowd that will be at Chinatown these few days leading up to CNY, you probably wouldn't want to head there for your CNY goodies...

Especially if you drive... (trust me, I was just there LAST WEEK on a weekday to help my mum collect Bak Kwa, and the carpark queue was almost 45 minutes along the carpark swirly thing to get to a carpark floor. No joke.)

Don't fret. You can still get your CNY goodies. Of course, you can tom pang your friend who's going there to help you get your stuff, but that's not what I'm suggesting. Really, you 好意思 ask people to help you buy and shove and push their way through the Chinatown crowd while trying to get their own things too meh?

You can get them at malls! Duh~ Lol! Okay that wasn't a very smart suggestion, but hey, there are SO MANY stalls and brands selling CNY goodies, which one do you choose?

I was sent a bag of goodies from Little Nonya Cookies as I have a friend who works there. Thanks Serene and boss!

 Pretty little boxes! These are cookies! Packed nicely in a box, I think they're very apt as gifts. (Hint: to the gf/bf's parents, mother-in-laws, business partners...etc)

I have never really been a fan of almond until recent years, but this Lucky Almond was so fragrant that I had to stop myself from taking more than 1 each time. I loved the fact that it was so crumbly and I could taste the almond bits when the whole thing disintegrates in my mouth. Yum! 

As for the other bottle of cookies, I have to say, this is going to be my worst enemy during the month of February when I'm on my diet.

Happy Kueh Bangkit.

My favorite-st. If there's ever such a word. Oh. My. Goodness. I don't really eat this thing during CNY, but this particular one melts in your mouth the moment you put it in. It's so fresh, so creamy, so delicious, yet so light, that I could never stop at one. #IknowIknow
I wonder why it's called Happy Kueh will be so happily eating this that you won't know how many you've had till it's too late. Lol~

It's not even CNY yet, and already 1/3 the bottle is gone. *control*

I would give their cookies 2 thumbs up, considering I only tried 2 and liked them both. They have 16 different types of cookies to choose from so take your pick! The full range can be viewed at

Love letters. Ever since I knew they were called love letters, I've always wondered why. Did people really use egg and flour to write love notes to their special someone and then bake them? Doesn't make sense to me because after that there was no way to open it up to read without the whole thing crumbling. I couldn't really find the actual history behind it, so please enlighten me if you know!

Whatever the reason behind the name, this is a must-have snack during CNY.

 The original one for those who like it safe. I love the light texture of this classic. Not too hard nor too crumbly that it crumbles before you actually reach your mouth, this one was just right. And you can faintly taste the egg as you chew. Fully handmade and charcoal toasted, if you want your ah ma to have the taste of "those days", this should be it! =D

 The Durian King Roll. 
For the durian lovers, you are in for a treat. Once you open the tin, you will be able to smell the aroma~ 
Thicker than the original, this love letter is made with real durian flesh blended into the dough so you're getting the real deal.

My favourite egg roll/love letter - The Charcoal Gold Roll.

 Activated charcoal is known for its ability to filter toxins out of the human body. When toxins and impurities interact with charcoal, they form a very tight molecular bond and thus would be unable to escape. Charcoal is also known for its ability to bind to chlorine, bacteria and viruses! Based on certain studies that you would be able to get off the internet, the daily use of charcoal reduces the toxicity in the human body by 60%. Now you know why, when you have an upset stomach and a bad case of diarrhoea, doctors prescribe this to you. 

Now you know why it's my favorite? Yup, because it detoxes, is a lighter and healthier choice, and still tastes pretty good. ;)

Of course, this one still beats everything else as my favorite-st. Lol.

Want them? They are having a bundle sale! Get any 4 bottles at $60, 5 bottles at $72, and 6 bottles at $84! 
P.S. Due to over demand, you are only entitled to 1 bottle of Happy Kueh Bangkit per bundle deal. You can still get them at ala carte prices though! For more info, check out Little Nonya Cookies here.

You can get these cookies (and try them!) at the following places:

1)   Takashimaya Event Hall – Takashimaya Square
     391A, Orchard Road, Basement 2, Ngee Ann City Tower A, Singapore 238 873
     17th January 2013 – 08th February 2013

2) Raffles X’change – Event Space
    Raffles Place MRT Station, Basement 1
    21st January 2013 – 08th February 2013

3)  Bugis Junction
     200, Victoria Street, Level 1, Bugis Junction, Singapore 188 021
     21st January 2013 – 08th February 2013

4)  Parkway Parade – Event Space
     80, Marine Parade Road, Basement 1, Parkway Parade, Singapore 449 269
     21st January 2013 – 08th February 2013

5)  Century Square - Event Space
     2, Tampines Central 5, Level 1, Century Square, Singapore 529 509
     25th January 2013 – 07th February 2013

I'm gonna be away for the next 2 days on Sister's Island so expect lots of pictures when I return! Muah!

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  1. Ah thanks! I haven't been able to stop munching and your blog entry doesn't help. *reaches out for Charcoal Gold Rolls*

    Since you have been such a goodie in keeping to your resolution to work out 3 times a week, savor the goodies!