Friday, 1 February 2013

February Resolutions

January is over! Are you STILL keeping your resolutions? Not that you shouldn't, of course, though we almost always, or is it always always lose them by the end of the first week of January. Lol! Curious to know if I kept up with my resolutions? Here's a recap:

January Resolutions:
  • Exercise 3 times a Week
  • Drink 2 litres of Water Per Day
  • Spend An Hour Reading, At least
I am proud to say that I have kept the first one religiously. 3 times a week. Initially I could only do 2 minutes of plank (not planking), my last recorded one as of Sunday was 4 minutes. Woots~ Keep it up, and I will see a nice body in no time. ;)
Keep it up!

The water bit was a little difficult to keep up as it's a habitual thing to have to keep drinking throughout the day. Every time I remembered that I should drink, I realized I didn't have water with me. Bummer. 
Note: Bring a bottle of water out every day.

I haven't been reading every single day, but I do at least 4 times a week, with an hour each day. I read articles online, so I could technically say that I have kept to this resolution, but when I made it I meant books, whether physical or electronic ones. I read quite a bit when I go to the toilet though (sorry for the info guys), and I have been a regular toilet visitor as of late, except I bring my phone in and start going through stuff like Instagram, Facebook, emails....yada yada...even though going to the toilet is the best time to do such stuff. 
Note: Maybe I should only use my social networking sites when I am out, like while waiting for people, or something like that. Save the toilet, and bedtime, and the time when I wake up, for reading. Books.

Also, a reader suggested that I could drink water while I read, and run with Alton when I don't have time for the gym. I think those are pretty brilliant ideas, and I'm going to incorporate them into my routines. Thank you Johan!

So my review hasn't been exactly bad. In fact I think I'm doing pretty good apart from the water bit, but that will be improved this month. New month, new beginnings. Who says new beginnings only begin at the start of the year? I say whenever means whenever. Who's stopping me? *wink*

No Outer Chaos.

My room is in a huge mess of clothes, paper, scripts, files, press kits, and what-have-yous. Plus dog fur, because Alton sheds A LOT. I could be working on my laptop in bed and at the corner of my eye, see a fur ball roll pass should there be some wind. The back of my door looks pretty scary with bags, clothes, clothes to be mended, scarves, belts, jackets that I've only worn once so I don't want to wash them yet, same with jeans... I spent half a day clearing out my small corner shelf of books so it looks a lot neater and more organized. I also wiped it clean so the shelf is no longer dusty. 

I plan to tackle my wardrobe this week, and the floor area beside my bed by Wednesday (currently it's not possible to walk through at all), then my desk 2 days before CNY. The challenge really is to figure out a home for everything. I'll show you before and after pictures when I'm done. Right now it's just too scary to do so. Lol. 

When that is done, The resolution is of course to MAINTAIN IT. Have 15 minutes every night to put away everything that is out of place. I'll be doing vlogs soon so you will hold me accountable since you will be able to see my room. I think? I haven't really planned on how to do that but yeah, vlogging's definitely in the pipeline. =)

Be Early.

I am so bad at keeping time. It's this so very cavalier aspect of me that I have a love-hate relationship with. Nothing phases me. I don't have that "Oh jialat jialat I'm going to be soooo late!!!" mentality. Maybe I once did. But these days I keep being late for everything it's starting to get out of hand. 

Before you judge me, I'm not one of those girls who are late for an entire hour just cos I was taking my time to shower, put on makeup, and slowly dress up. I usually sleep late, wake up late (in shock if I have an appointment), rush through my skincare and dressing up, then haphazardly head out the door. 

I doubt I'll look very sexy like that. Haha~ 

I'm also late because I always try to fit all my appointments in one day, then when one overruns and eats into my next one, it all snowballs. Bad habit. So I'm going to stop that and leave more leeway in between appointments and not fit too much into a single day. I think that helps.

The core of this resolution - basically what I want to achieve, is to always arrive at least 15 minutes early for anything. And if I'm early? Perfect for my Instagram/Facebook stalking, emails, getting those little things done which requires only a few minutes to do. 

Lose 5kg and GLOW

For the month of February, I'll be embarking on a fitness/diet plan with Cheryl Tay. It's kind of like a BFF Challenge to lose weight together. Thanks to GLOW, we're going to get a little help from a nutritionist, and some magic ingredients, namely a green coffee bean extract known as Svetol, as well as Raspberry ketones. More details in the next post! When that is done and our target weight achieved, we will reward ourselves with a much-anticipated girlfriends trip!

So this month is going to be a hard month because it's CNY and there's tonnes of eating involved, but I will be keeping a food log so keep track of everything I eat, and I will be exercising quite a fair bit! I am now 56.1kg, which means I've lost 1.5kg since mid January (Woohoo!!!!), and my target is 51kg. I would love to go lower (ideally 48), but I shall set a realistic goal for myself, at least for the month, and then reassess when I can.

I'll be meeting the nutritionist on Monday to come up with a diet plan so I'm on my own this weekend. Soups. No yellow noodles. Nothing fried. The usual stuff we have learnt in school. 

On top of these, of course I will still be keeping up with my January resolutions. These are add-ons. I would like to believe that I can do it, and I will. Talk to you soon!

Lots of love,

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  1. Jiayou, Silver. Here's to a healthier body and mind. :) See you next week for our GLOW training sessions!