Sunday, 17 February 2013

CNY Refresher (Lou Hei and Symbolism)

I've been away in Moganshan (somewhere in Zhejiang) the last few days and so much has happened I need to update all of you. Am editing pictures and trying not to get distracted by Youtube videos and Whatsapp beeps so that my blog can be regular again. Lol.

Yesterday was Ren Ri (in CNY terms it means mankind's birthday) and today is the birthday of grains. Lol. I remembered writing in 2010, as well as 2011, about how to lou hei and say whatever when each item was added. I decided not to repeat myself this time and link you up to my previous post here.

I hope you will find the post useful, because even if I myself remembered what to say when last year, I forget each time a year has passed. Lol. I'm sure many of you still have many more Lou Heis to go. I'm in Shanghai where they don't do Lou Hei, and I'm completely missing out, but it's okay. Part of my heart is at home. =D 

I did, however, try to go out there and find mee sua as it's also a tradition to eat mee sua during your birthday and yesterday was everyone's birthday. The only mee sua I found was at this Taiwanese restaurant called Charmant. 

I ordered this first, but it looked nothing like mee sua. I think in China they call thin Ramen mee sua (cos it's written mee sua on the menu) So I decided to just go with Oyster Mee sua which would at least taste better...

Nothing like mee sua homecooked by mummy, nor the Oyster Mee Sua in Taiwan, but hey, I got my mee sua for ren ri! =D

I hope Valentine's Day has been sweet for many of you singles as well as couples. Who says love can only be celebrated by lovers? ;)

With friends like these, love is pretty abundant for me. ^.^

Lou Hei Refresher - Here

Lots of Love,

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