Thursday, 24 January 2013

Starting 2013 Right

There's nothing like January of each year, the time when you have new hopes, dreams, aspirations, when you are fired up and want to do everything that you never accomplished in the year before, or ever. You write down your resolutions (how are they coming along so far? You ARE still keeping them, yes?), you go out and buy the guitar and tell yourself you are going to learn how to play it this year, you sign up for courses, some of you might even decide that you are going to quit your job and finally start pursuing what you've always dreamed of doing.

A Chinese saying goes "A day's plan is made in the morning, and a year's in Spring". Given that we only have one Summer season all year round, the closest alternative to Spring would be in January (Australia aside). So how did I start the year, apart from the resolutions made in the previous post?

I gave my image a boost. I didn't go make appointments for Plastic Surgery or anything drastic like that. All I did was go freshen up my hair color. I noticed since I was 18, that every time I cut my hair or do something to my hair colour, I would feel like a brand new person. Faster than reading an inspirational self-help book, no downtime from invasive surgery/injections, a few hours with a good stylist, and I am reborn. 

Those of you with colored hair, you know the bane of having to live with outgrown roots that are a different colour from the rest of your crowning glory. It doesn't matter to the people around you (okay most, assuming you are not surrounded by hair stylists and style gurus), but each time you look at it I'm sure it annoys you, even for that little bit.

Rule of thumb for hair colour touch-ups: every 2 months. That is, if you care remotely about this thing called style. If you don't care, you can go at it for 6 months to a year and the hair colour difference probably still wouldn't bother you. 

I have been taken care of by FDP, aka Franz de Paris, for the last few years. Shunji Matsuo is, of course, also a dear sponsor for hair, and I owe my hair to the folks from these 2 amazing hair salons. Or namely, Comb from Shunji Wisma, and Angeline & Hagen from FDP. The spa machine I use for my weight loss from being fat to nice, and the Fit Solution which helps keep my nutrition in check were also introduced to me by FDP. I can safely say they take care of how I look, almost all over. 

As of October 18 2012, I am officially pronounced as one of FDP's ambassadors. =) What an honor! The campaign was pretty big to me, as it was my first big one.

If you find this familiar, you'd probably have seen them on the roads on cabs or buses.

A bus promotion hanger. I really miss my bright hair. Don't get me wrong, I like my dark hair, but having bright hair is just so much more fun. And striking. ;)

Missed out on these hangers? It's okay~ 

Bring a friend and tell any of FDP's stylists these password

"I am Unique, and I read Silver's blog!" 

and you and your friend will get to enjoy 50% off any hair services together!

No friend? (Come on! I don't believe you!) You can just come alone if you so prefer, and for the month of January, you will enjoy 20% off all hair services. =)

They believe everybody is different, and would love nothing more than help you stand out from the crowd and be you. I love what they emphasize a lot "Why blend in when you can stand out?" Life is too short for mediocrity. (If I could have the hair colour above and still act as a police officer in Singapore, I would. Lol.) 

You can check them out at their website here. And should you require photography services, Angeline, my dear friend and FDP's Creative Director, will be very glad to assist you. 


Franz de Paris has created 2013 desk calendars! In it you will find pictures of FDP's 7 ambassadors (which includes eh hem, me), and little quotes like the one shown. I've kept one for myself, of course, and have 3 sets to giveaway. Send me an email to letting me know how you want to stand out from mediocrity, and the best 3 answers win! 

Sometimes being different is an attitude. It's called confidence, or confidence to stand out.


  1. hi, u mind sharing where u got ur earrings from? :)

    1. Hi Amelia,

      I got them from one of the shops at the old Woodlands Central for about $5. =)

  2. I also want to be on taxi and bus.SO COOL! HAHA.

  3. Hi! Does the 50% still apply for the month of Feb or March?