Sunday, 13 January 2013

Not Gone!

I'm not gone! Just been on a hiatus from blogging while I re-evaluate everything in my life this January amidst being busy!

P.S. I'm back from China though. And started working on a short film the day after I got back which wrapped just 2 nights ago. Then yesterday (Saturday afternoon) I guest-sang for Mint's showcase at All About Eve and I'm gonna do a second set this afternoon. So technically I haven't really rested (or unpacked) since I got back, but I'm not complaining because, well, I enjoy whatever I've been doing. ;)

(If you wanna hear us sing tickets are still available at the door! $25 each, 1pm at All About Eve, 144 Arab St (Right beside 7-11, 2nd floor!)

As for Discoteca, this is the official website should you be curious, and here are some pictures:

 Behind the scenes for "Discoteca". This was the wall of my character's room! Omg effort! 

 The crazy girls whom I really enjoyed working with as BFFs in the film, Tian & Adeline. They, with the boys (equally, if not crazier), make the film so much fun to work on!

So other than doing all these (more to update on China but I'll do so later!), I'm really taking time to think about what I want in 2013 before I start my blogging journey officially for the year. 

I want to make resolutions that I am going to keep (unlike in past years where I hit, and miss most of the, and I want to direct my life exactly where I want it this year. Before this massive power steering, a lot of planning needs to go in place - how to get there, the preparation work, the with any destination you wish to go, you need a agah-agah planned out course of journey. 

That's what I've been doing. Will be back really soon. Of course I'm not giving up my blog sillies! See u guys really soon!


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