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Sponsored Post: Asia Fashion Inc

Christmas is coming! And so are those year end dinner-&-dances, prom, loads of partying~~~ It would be safe to assume you're not readily equipped with your outfits and gifts. I know because I'm such a last-minute girl too. It's the time of the year to splurge on your loved ones, and what better way to make them feel special by giving them a designer gift? No big brands that everyone else is carrying here, we're talking about limited-number items by Asian designers and good quality that says nothing but "You deserve it". ;)

If you're like me who's very into online shopping, loves clicking away then paying online, I've got a good recommendation for you. Even if you wish to do cash-on-delivery, these guys accept that mode of payment too. 

Founded by 2 fashion-forward childhood friends - former banker and corporate executive Timothy Chen and award-winning photographer Aidan Yeoh, Asia Fashion Inc is an online fashion portal which brings together Asia's best and most exciting designers to the global fashion industry and consumers. They also publish a bi-monthly publication covering Asian fashion news and lifestyle. Read more about them here.

To facilitate shopping for you, I've picked out some of what caught my eye on the website. Feel free to click on any of the links to go directly to their cart! ;)

These bags are 2 of my favourites in the store. ;)

I think this is a gorgeous flowy piece! The fabric and design reminds me of a pretty woman in a nice house sitting by her porch with a good book with the wind in her hair... Mmm~~~

Perfect for the flirty date with your beau! Simply because it's an open back dress. He'll get a nice surprise when you turn. Shhhh~~~

I like clothes with character. And this is one. 

Another interesting top not for the faint-hearted. And please do remember the nipple tape. =)

I stumbled upon 2 brands that I feel would become big in the near future, because of their interesting and pretty designs, as well as wearability, which were paired brilliantly together. 

Chic Yamada - If you enjoy standing out and being a little quirky with your dressing, Chic Yamada is a fun brand to wear. With pop colours and interesting anything-but-ordinary designs, you can be sure you will grab attention and turn heads.  

DUSK till DAWN - This is the other brand that caught my attention. Very pretty lines and whimsical details.

I love how edgy this piece is!

New items are updated daily so keep checking the e-store for new items!

Want to see and feel the items so you know what you're paying for? They now have a physical shop space! Put together in just 3 days (how they did it remains a mystery to me. I'm sure they engaged elves to do the job), The Emporium is located at Millenia Walk just beside Starbucks.

I love how it doesn't feel like a typical boutique. With a dresser, shelves, and random furniture, it looks and feels like a huge walk-in wardrobe for the rich. You can visit their blog to see more of the shop.

I visited the shop! And I found quite a few interesting pieces which might interest you enough to want to bring them home for yourself or someone special...

 My heart cries out for this Emblem Clutch. Get it at The Emporium before it's gone!!!! It's not listed on the online store!!!

I had the privilege of strutting around the shop in their items. The girl who dressed me, Felicia, was so friendly! And she has a keen eye for fashion. Items which I would never have picked out for myself, she did, and managed to put together ensembles I surprisingly liked! In the following pictures, apart from the watch, everything else on me is available from The Emporium. Or online. ;)

This top is an interesting ethnic piece and I liked the attached scarf which added a very nice focal point to an otherwise very simple sleeveless top. 

With Timothy, Founder and CEO of Asia Fashion Inc. Cute huh? He's very friendly and very charming too! Sorry to disappoint you ladies, he's taken.

My favourite most me outfit. Love the skorts (skirt which is actually shorts), love the top, MAD LOVE the clutch!!!! 

The last outfit was something I really liked. I didn't think I would like it at first, but after a few days of looking through the photographs I took, this became my favourite -

The skirt was a cute piece which surprisingly worked very well for me! And the shirt is actually a man's item, as shown here:

Smiley Shirt by Upstart. Comes in quite a few colors.

With Felicia, the sales assistant cum stylist for the night. Her sense of style is AMAZING. Look for her if you're in the shop, she's very customer-oriented and helpful, and should you need help putting together an outfit for any event, she's who you should go to. I would. Heck, I would go to her for an entire wardrobe overhaul advice. ;)

Refusing to take the clothes off before some camwhoring because it's just so much fun dressing up in a style I never knew I could do. I'm such a girl. Lol~

Last week, I attended the pop-up launch cum anniversary party of Asia Fashion Inc and it was a huge success! The turnout included many of the designers behind the brands you can find on their site! To be honest, I think this has got to be the first time I'm meeting so many fashion experts in one place! It was really interesting watching the who wore whats!

Taken at the official launch. Never miss a chance to take pictures with a (successful) cute guy. With discretion of course. Lol! #nothumsup 

Visit The Emporium (it's only going to be there temporarily, for 3 months! So check it out before it disappears!) or the Asia Fashion Inc website for your dose of unique one-of-a-kind fashion! I support Asian Designers!!! ^.^

Pssst....they ship worldwide, for free! And yes, they do have men's items too. They are giving away a 15% discount storewide for Xmas, so start Christmas shopping already! Many of the pieces come in limited pieces, so don't say I didn't warn you....

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