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dENiZEN Kunming: Taking in the Sights & Sounds, & Tastes

I said I would do travel posts every Friday! And erm, technically speaking, though this is to be posted on a Sunday, I started writing this on a Friday so it still counts. #ISaySo 

So, more than 6 months ago I was in China for the dENiZEN We Are Explorers' campaign, and I feel kind of guilty that I didn't write about this earlier so that you guys could follow what has been going on. Oh well, it isn't too late to introduce you to everything I saw back then. 

If you read my earlier posts, you would know that I covered dENiZEN Shanghai, then I somehow got distracted doing other things. Hur hur~ Kunming was supposed to come next, and I have jeans to give away at the end of this post, if you happen to be a size 25 as well. ;)

For those interested to know, the darker lomo effect pictures were taken by my phone using Path, and the amazingly vibrant ones were taken by our talented photographer Kit using, of course, his DSLR. 

Driving past Kunming Train Station on the way from airport to hotel.

Like Singapore, 8-10am means peak hour traffic. 

To be honest, I knew nothing about Kunming before I went there, and even after having there, I still can't really say I know it. Kunming lies in Yunnan, and is where you can find the headquarters of many Yunnan large businesses, manufacturing plants, as well as several universities and museums. Being in a good geographical position near the border of China to Southeast Asian countries, Kunming is economically important in that it is a trade hub in the region. 

Okay enough droning/boring bits. Lol. I nearly dozed off writing about that. China is so huge that reading about each place and how the provinces, counties, municipalities, cities, prefectures yada yada work is oh~my~goodness~~~(There were countless times when I have tried and given up explaining that I live in Woodlands in Singapore, that it's an estate, or a small town. Then probed about where the municipality is, or the province, or county. Whaaaaat??? I'm just glad I live in Singapore and Singapore is just, er, Singapore la. City State. Full stop. Woodlands is just Woodlands, so is East Coast, Bukit Batok, Marine Parade etc.) 

If you want you can go wiki Kunming okay. Or any other Chinese State/County/Municipality/Province/wherever Else. Then tell me if you survived reading. Lol.

My hotel! This is no Hilton or some 5-star luxurious accomodation, but it's comfortable enough. I didn't get much chance to stay in my room in my stay in Kunming anyway. Shoots had me set off at 7am (some days even earlier), and we returned to the rooms at 10pm earliest on most days. 

Not bad right?

Obviously pleased with my room. Or maybe it was the finally getting there after an early-morning flight and a long jam leading to the hotel. Lol.

 Tea leaves were provided in a very old school style. Me likey!

 By far one of the cheapest minibars I have ever known. 

One more before the day started and I had to change into my dENiZEN outfit.

First day of shoot was at Jinma Biji 金马碧鸡坊. (Golden Horse Jade Cock Square??? I googled and this name came up. >.< Another better name was available too though: Golden Horse Jade Rooster.)
The name was such because they are the names of the 2 memorial arches at the entrance of the square, though no animal resemblance was borne of the arches. 金马碧鸡 is also a reference to 2 revered mountains in Kunming, and symbolizes prosperity and good luck. It's said the shadows cast by the 2 memorial arches when the sun sets on one end and the moon rises on the other forms a very magnificent sight which is a symbolism of 金碧交辉 (gold-jade-glorious intercutting??? Sounds like google translate. Lol!!! I find it very hard to explain Chinese idioms. So pardon my trying, but it sorta means a very glorious and magnificent moment la. You get the idea.)

 Anish taking a picture of me taking a picture of us. Lalalala~

Duck tongues and duck necks on sale. Yes they are food. Anish was clearly amused.
I was in dENiZEN wear! This wasn't my usual style, but how did I look? I'm planning on doing a giveaway on this top!

Raymond, the one in charge of the project for JWT Shanghai, and Kit, the talented cute photographer I was talking about (I left out the cute the previous time.)
Raymond's Singaporean! Nice surprise! It felt closer to home when there was someone I could Singaporean-slang with. My "nanny" for the shoot, Dana, also from JWT, was also Singaporean! We are a small nation, but we are everywhere! Muahahahaha~~~)

Water chestnuts! 

If you have not eaten water chestnuts like that, you are missing out on one of the best fruits ever. I think apart from durian, this is my other favourite. Crunchy yet three's so much sweet juice in there! *craving for water chestnut juice now*

Me being very very aunty at having found treasure. Haha!


Look like what??? Not ji pu say okay. At first that was what I thought, like "WHOA!!!!! SO BIG!!!!! HOW COME NO SMELL???" Then I asked Raymond and he told he it was tea leaves. I googled and found out that Pu Erh Tea looks like that! Like in solid compact form! 

Credits to
After so many years of drinking tea, this was new information to me! 

Sold on the shelves, guess what black ants does for you. You will be amazed.

  • Contains Vitamins B1, B2, B3, C, D, E etc, as well as protein and many minerals vital for our health.
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Depressant
  • Acts as a painkiller
  • Treat Asthma & other respiratory problems
  • Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Treat back pain
  • Treat Diabetes
  • Good for the liver and kidneys
  • Increase energy levels
  • Increase sex drive and boost sexual stamina, thus promoting longer erections and vaginal secretions.
  • Regulates menstrual cycle
  • Anti-aging
  • Supposedly good for the skin too!
Many Chinese literature states that drinking black ants with alcohol promotes its efficacy. 
Whoa! I think I should drown all those ants I find on my table and drink them. I didn't know they were so good for me!!! Better than chicken and beef!!!!

There is a specific way of preparing ants for consumption. Ask your TCM for instructions. They just might have it. ;)

搞不好吃蚂蚁还可以减肥,因为 up metabolism. Woohoo! *Starts looking for ants on my desk*

Within the alleys of Jinma Biji are many stalls selling cultural knick-knacks like jewellery and hair accessories. Oh the colours!!!!

 Found something that caught my eye! Dice! And they have interesting "punishments" like do splits, push ups, drink 2 glasses, do a bridge, sing a song, then another one just says hands, thigh, boobs, backside, belly button, and wherever. LOL!!! 

The cheeky in me decided to buy a bunch of them home! Who knows what kinda fun will turn up at house parties? Plus, Xmas is coming! Hahaha!!!

The sights and sounds. I love traveling and exploring deep. That's when I see and learn the most.
Till Friday!

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