Monday, 17 December 2012

Crazy Week, & my Lovely Mother

Just a little note to let you guys know that there wasn't a travel post on Friday because I have been really very very busy running errands, preparing for my trip to Shanghai this coming Thursday, catching up with important people and friends in my life, and filming for an upcoming kids' drama.

It's crazeeee, and for some reason I get all stressed out about "having to blog" because I have loyal readers who check in on me daily for updates and I worry about disappointing them (you).

Until I stop and remind myself that hey, if I'm living like a headless chicken and running around trying to stuff 20 things into my calendar I am going to burn out and fall sick. Plus I won't write very well if I am writing for the sake of updating and not because I am inspired to write. I sound like I'm babbling here but I'm hoping you will understand.

The month has been crazy, and even though I'm so busy I kind of enjoy it. I just need to learn how to get on top of everything and get back in control. And not want to slot TOO many things into my calendar. Some stresses are preventable, I learnt.

So before I become crazy and post up a meaningless do-for-the-sake-of entry, I'm here to drop you a gentle notice that this week you won't be seeing much of me. I'll waltz right back in when I can, and if I don't, you will see me after I get to Shanghai and settle in. That's when I should be able to breathe properly again despite the cold winter air. ^.^

I'm feeling so much better already. I was getting really "mang zang" earlier in the afternoon when I was hunting for Xmas presents. Then it all got good when I had early Christmas Dinner with Mummy & Sis. The night ended with Mummy's ultimate surprise, she brought me into nuBox & after a lot of contemplation and discussion, she coerced me into choosing a MacBook Pro 13" with Retina Display, and got it for me for Christmas.

*I have been wanting a laptop to work on during my shoots and for travel. A computer is essentially a capital equipment, and an asset for me, and I've been considering a MacBook Air 13" for portability. MacBook Pro (Retina Display), I thought, was out of my budget.

P.S. I know that even if my sister had wanted a laptop too, this sweet mother of ours would have gotten it as well. Sis has yet to decide on what she wants, & once she does, I'm sure she would feel the same way I feel when Mummy gets it for her. Splurging on us and giving us the best she can? - this is our mum. And feeling guilty about spending her money? - yeah that's us. No matter how old we get, I think that's something that will never change. I guess it has something to do with the fact that we want to be able to give too. *发奋图强 *

The simple Air would have served me well enough, but Mummy was so sweet - she thinks it's better to have the better one. Okay I'm tearing up just writing this, because it reminds me of how Mummy would always want to have the best for us, and this hasn't changed one bit even though I'm all grown up now. The fact that she wanted me to get the MacBook Pro somehow means a lot to me. Thank you, Mummy.

I hope she knows that I love her too, and I am really grateful for everything she has done for me & my sister.

She is the reason I stay motivated and not give up on what I do even when times are very rough. So that when I finally do well, I can give her all that she wants. Anytime. Because she deserves it for giving us the best she can throughout our growing up years, and beyond as I know she will. Mummy, I love you so much. Please always remember that.

Your Elder Daughter,

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